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Village in the Sky

Gap Year Programs in Dharamsala, India

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On a CCS Gap Year in Dharamsala, India, you'll live out an amazing adventure in one of the world’s most awe-inspiring, historically significant settings. Perched among the clouds on the Himalayan mountainside, the rural locale of Dharamsala has a moving and mysterious quality. “Dharamsala” loosely translates to “spiritual dwelling,” a resting house for pilgrims. The area is home to a vibrant Indian community and several thousand Tibetan refugees—including His Holiness the Dalai Lama.


Avg. Annual Temp.
Local tempature
Hindi & English
Hindi & English Language in Dharamsala India
National Food
Volunteer Abroad in Dharamsala India and enjoy the amazing food
The Rupee is the currency in Dharamsala India


Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

When you support The CCS Education & Literacy Project in Dharamsala, you'll work with children and adults to provide the basic building blocks of education, as well as provide necessary skills training and education to advance economic opportunities for women. By inspiring a love for education through fun and engaging techniques, your time and energy provides this community more opportunities to learn new skills for future employment and gain a solid understanding in the English language, which is desired for many career paths throughout India.

To support parents in providing for their families, the Indian government ensures that young children can receive basic education, nutrition, health, and social development services through ICDS (Integrated Child Development Services). A helpful service for many single parents working long hours, ICDS centers are often single-room rented accommodations or sheds run by local women on a meager stipend. When you work with The CCS Child Development Project, you’ll spark the children's imaginations and bolster their self-esteem. Through individualized attention, educational activities, and creative play, you’ll provide the essential building blocks for the development of children across the community.

When you work with The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project in Dharamsala, you’ll have an opportunity to volunteer with a local nonprofit created to address the lack of special education offered in India. Before this organization's inception, many children with disabilities were unable to attend public schools and were not receiving any formal education. This resulted in these children growing up marginalized and almost entirely dependent on their families. The love and attention of our volunteers serves to improve their lives.

When you support the The CCS Global Health Project in Dharamsala, you’ll address healthcare and health education needs across the community. By working in partnership with a variety of organizations, including special education schools, women's groups, and anganwadis (day care centers), your help will provide basic medical screening and health and hygiene education to the most vulnerable members of the community.

A lack of economic power, educational opportunities, and understanding of human and reproductive rights create disproportionate gaps in the opportunities available to women and girls in many communities. In India, volunteer alongside midwives to improve women’s education and access to resources surrounding reproductive health, bringing clarity to the rights and misconceptions of sexual health and wellness. Support women who are improving their economic circumstances through small business development and other income-generating activities, who are the role models for future generations of young girls in the community. Your work with The CCS Girls' & Women’s Empowerment Project will create the foundation to build strong, successful communities.

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