Embark on the gap year volunteer adventure of a lifetime, and discover the Africa Gap Year as you become immersed in the communities, cultures, and traditions of three distinct African nations.

Fall Semester

September 8, 2018

Morocco: September 8, 2018 (4 weeks) Ghana: October 6, 2018 (4 weeks) Tanzania: November 3, 2018 (4 weeks)

Spring Semester

February 9, 2019

Morocco: February 9, 2019 Ghana: March 9, 2019 Tanzania: April 6, 2019
There is no limit to the rich and vastly different cultures, languages and history that you will discover in our Africa Experience program. When considering a continent that hosts over 50 nations, and literally thousands of languages and dialects, you must explore more than one region to even begin to develop an understanding of this wonder. The program starts in the North African nation of Morocco where you will experience Muslim culture and tradition while serving the humble people of the Atlas Mountains. Next, you'll head to Ghana’s Volta Region where you will experience some of West Africa's most beautiful coasts and jungles, be entrenched in its rich history, and volunteer in schools in under resourced rural farming communities. You’ll complete your gap year living and volunteering on the Eastern shores of the Indian Ocean in the fishing village of Bagamoyo, Tanzania. In your free time, Tanzania’s landscape will introduce you to her wealth of natural resources, including unique wildlife, coffee plantations, waterfalls, and banana fields.

Volunteer Opportunities



Azrou, tucked into the Middle Atlas Mountains of Morocco, is a Berber village that struggles with providing quality educational opportunities to children. Experience life in the Moroccan mountains while you make an impact on the educational system for children through engaging lessons and activities.

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Cross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Programs in RabatCross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Programs in Morocco

"Love truth even if it harms you, and hate lies even if they serve you."
Moroccan proverb

Cross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Programs in HoCross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Programs in Ghana

“A single tree cannot make a forest”
Ewe Proverb



As the population grows in the Volta Region, the people are forced to deal with the strain on vital social resources. Schools, community groups, and care centers throughout Ghana are severely under-resourced and understaffed. By volunteering abroad in Ho, you can help the community in ways such as providing one-on-one attention for young Ghanaians, sparking creativity in the minds of children attending our new summer school, or supporting workers in the overcrowded health system.

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Today, Tanzanians face the residual effects of its colonial past, as well as the present lack of resources and prevalence of HIV/AIDS. Women and families suffer from high levels of infant and child mortality, and only a little over half of children attend school. When you volunteer in this fishing village on the Indian Ocean, you have the chance to work side-by-side with community members to build a better, healthier future for their children.

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Gap Year in TanzaniaTanzania Gap Year

"To be without a friend is to be poor indeed."
Tanzanian proverb

Our Projects

As you explore 3 distinct African nations on your Africa Experience Gap Year program, you'll be working with sustainable community organizations in unique landscapes to help address child development and healthcare goals. In Morocco, work in small schools with Berber children to address basic sanitation needs and educational objectives. Next, explore the Volta Region of Ghana in Ho, where you'll learn about how traditional and modern medicine coincide in a community rich with culture and history. End your experience in the fishing village of Bagamoyo, Tanzania on the banks of the Indian Ocean working with organizations focused on combating the stigmas surrounding HIV/AIDS, and the educational goals of children.

CCS Country Presidents

Cross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Program Director - Muhammed

Mohamed Mhmmoudi

From the moment you arrive in CCS Morocco, you’ll feel right at home with the welcoming and open smile of Mohamed to greet you. A lifelong student and educator, Mohamed comes from a small Moroccan village on the outskirts of the Sahara Desert. Inspired by an international volunteer, Mohamed joined the Peace Corps as a Language and Cross-Cultural facilitator, and later earned the position of Volunteer Safety & Security Officer. Mohamed’s passion for service grew while guiding volunteers and learning from them. He was later selected to become the founding Country Director for CCS Morocco. Mohamed is particularly passionate about education and literacy, as it allows individuals to understand, and therefore defend, their own rights. Mohamed understands what it means to be an international volunteer—he volunteered with CCS in India—and he is passionate to share his culture with you.

Cross-Cultural Solutions Discover Africa Gap Year Program Director - Makafui

Makafui Amenuvor

Makafui Amenuvor is kind, patient, and wise—an innovator and a go-getter. He often teaches volunteers how to hilife dance—not because he is a dance expert, but because he fully embraces life, which you’ll see in his dancing and in everything he does. Makafui advocates for sustainable volunteer work and development in his home community of Hohoe, Ghana. He is particularly engaged in girls’ and women’s empowerment issues. Makafui worked with the Municipal Office of the Commission on Human Rights and Administrative Justice to facilitate discussions and develop community outreach campaigns aimed at educating women and girls about their rights and resources in regards to domestic and sexual violence. With the Voluntary Counseling and Outreach committee, Makafui speaks to girls and women about their health care resources in the community.

Gap Director Tanzania

Didase Mwasse

I am passionate about serving my community through hands-on service and working with people from different nationalities with a variety of backgrounds, skills, and cultures. Born and raised in Kilimanjaro, I am the father of two lovely daughters and am very involved in volunteer work in my community. My past experiences include working across many sectors of the community, including finance, agriculture, and logistics. When I'm not immersed in supporting my community through volunteer work, you can find me enjoying football, swimming, dancing, and playing pool. I am dedicated to the role of CCS in my community, and to the relationships it builds between volunteers, community, and the in-country staff.

In-Country Staff
The CCS staff members are passionate about international volunteering and committed to the success of each program. It takes knowledge and experience to place an international volunteer into a community project, which is why all of our in-country staff members are from the communities where we work. They can share cultural insights with you that only a local person would know.
Their dedication doesn’t stop there: our staff wants you to feel completely at home. They’re always on--hand to support your needs, no matter how big or small. The CCS office is even located in the Home-Base. When you meet our staff, you’ll discover that these are the people who make CCS so special.
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Dates & Fees

Fall Semester

September 8, 2018
Morocco: September 8, 2018 (4 weeks) Ghana: October 6, 2018 (4 weeks) Tanzania: November 3, 2018 (4 weeks)

Spring Semester

February 9, 2019
Morocco: February 9, 2019 Ghana: March 9, 2019 Tanzania: April 6, 2019

Africa Experience Gap Year

$11,500 USD
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