Are you interested in volunteering abroad but need a little help covering the program fee? No worries! Plenty of our volunteers successfully fundraise either part, or all of the program fee, and we’ll show you how. Fundraising is a great way to spread awareness of global issues throughout your network, and chances are, you'll inspire others to volunteer abroad as well.

Here are some fundraising tips to get you started:

  • If you're going to pen (or type) a fundraising letter, keep it short and sweet.
  • Be specific, let potential sponsors know your fundraising goal.
  • There's probably a pretty interesting or inspiring story behind how you chose to do what you're about to do. Did you watch some amazing documentary all about education inequality? Maybe you’re looking to expand your social circle onto new continents. Or perhaps for you, volunteering abroad is part of your career or academic plan. Whatever it is, your sponsors will want to hear about it, so share the details!
  • Make it convenient for your sponsors to donate by telling them about the simple and secure online donation process.
  • Do something creative. If you're headed to Guatemala, make some Guatemalan empanadas, and throw a little potluck for your friends. Chances are, if you're feeding the masses, they'll be happy to throw $5 or $10 to your cause.
  • Bring your sponsors along for the ride. Raise money by offering to create a sign for each sponsor and snapping some photos of you holding the sign in an epic destination. Later, you can tag them in the Facebook post.

We've also got a blog category dedicated to ways to save and fundraise for your big adventure, so be sure to check it out.

These sites are excellent resources on how to fundraise for a study or volunteer abroad trip.

For volunteers from the United States:

For volunteers from Canada:

For volunteers from the United Kingdom:

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