About this Project

Females are often the ones charged with holding the family together in a time of crisis. However, it's important to allow females and mothers in refugee camps an opportunity to be with a community of women for emotional support, educational opportunities, and important information for them and their families and children. With a 5-10% pregnancy rate in camps, pregnant women who are often first-time mothers face an additional burden of struggling with maternal health needs, nutritional support, and breastfeeding education. All women in refugee camps deserve dignity and support, and the opportunity to feel beautiful.

Refugee women face unique challenges when communities are displaced, lacking adequate basic services and a breakdown in social support networks essential to their well-being. As a result, women of all ages need gender-specific support at the camps. Supporting vulnerable women at refugee camps provides just that, a place where women can go to feel safe, empowered, and have access to education, and recreational activities. Volunteers help with counseling, health and reproductive awareness training, skill-building, infant-feeding and breastfeeding programs, recreational activities, English lessons and the distribution of nutrition packages, and female dignity kits. In addition, volunteers work with women on learning to sew, which provides these vulnerable women with an opportunity to create something for themselves through a new skill which provides an emotional outlet during times of turmoil.

How Your Work Makes a Difference

Female-Friendly Spaces Female-Friendly Spaces are a perfect place for anyone committed to supporting young girls and women. Companionship, cultural exchange, and moral support are valuable contributions all female volunteers can provide. Volunteers with specific skills in social work, nursing, health, arts & crafts, yoga, aerobics/zumba, hairdressing, early childhood development, and so much more are great additions to the team. You don't need language skills to volunteer but basic conversational Arabic is really valuable! CCS volunteers will be working alongside the Lighthouse Relief staff in their Female-Friendly Spaces.

Volunteers must be 23 or older and stay for 3 or more weeks to work in Female-Friendly Spaces.


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