About this Project

In addition to CCS’ work in running the Ritsona distribution center, we are also partnering with other organizations on-the-ground to support them in their work to meet other urgent needs in camp. Currently, our partners operate psychosocial support programs geared to meeting the emotional and educational needs of residents of refugee camps. While our first priority is ensuring the sustainable operations of the Ritsona distribution center, we are also proud to work with partner organization I AM YOU to help provide volunteers as needed for their important work supporting children in refugee camps.

How Your Work Makes a Difference

Refugee Children As refugee camps were originally designed as temporary housing arrangements, the children at these camps are often not integrated into schools, and are not meeting the emotional or academic milestones for their age group. Child-friendly spaces create a nurturing environment to help lay a foundation for restarting formal education and support childhood development. Volunteers support the resilience and well-being of refugee children in a stimulating environment to encourage play, social support, and therapy to help them meet child development goals.

Volunteers must be 23 or older and stay for 2 or more weeks to Meet Other Urgent Needs.


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