Distribution Center The distribution center at Ritsona currently provides essential services to approximately 750 refugees, the majority of whom have fled the violence of the civil war in Syria. The center is responsible for distributing water and welcome packs (both funded by the International Organization of Migration).

In addition the center provides essential basics for residents on a regular basis, including:
• Clothing & shoes, for men, women and children, monthly on an equitable points system
• Milk, for all children between 1-12 years, pregnant and/or breast feeding mothers, and 1 litre for all other families - twice a week
• Tea & coffee, once a week
• Shampoo, shower gel & other essential hygiene items, once a week

In order to manage and operate the center in the most sustainable and dignified way, CCS needs to raise the following:

Supplies of Clothing and Shoes - 3 Months

Clothing Line CCS is working with a specialist in disaster relief to secure a large shipment of new clothing, shoes and hygiene items sufficient for 3 months. The total expected cost of this is US $9,000 and we are aiming to raise the funds for this by Christmas 2017. In early Spring we will begin the next cycle of fundraising for clothing & shoes.

For CCS Greece volunteers who are interested in bringing material donations, CCS is maintaining an up-to-date Needs List. Please note that shipping donations from the US is not advised, shipments are subject to severe delays.

Monthly recurring contributions or one-time donations would be much appreciated. 100% of your donation will go directly to the Distribution Center.

The CCS Needs List - Refugee Camps

Refugee camps present a challenging situation where people often want to give to those in crisis and high need. However, understanding the appropriate and useful donations to give, and what is most needed, is important to ensuring that your efforts are making a positive impact at a refugee camp. We ask that volunteers adhere to the list of suggested donations, and reach out to CCS if they wish to bring supplies for donations not on this list.

All donated clothing should be gently used, without tears of stains, and clothing that you would wish to wear as well! New clothing can sometimes present problems with fairness in distribution, so used clothing is preferred, except in the case of undergarments and women’s stretch pants.

Women’s Clothing
Women’s clothing should be modest (no shorts, tank tops, or short skirts). Most needed are black ankle-length stretch pants, as they allow women to wear multiple types of clothing with modesty.

Children’s Clothing
Children’s clothing is useful in all sizes. Most needed are boy’s shorts and boy’s shoes (sandals and tennis shoes/trainers). Also helpful are toddler clothes, for ages 18-24 months.

Men’s Clothing
Men’s clothing is most in need of all clothing donations. Men’s pants, shirts, t-shirts, and loungewear are in high demand, as are men’s shoes. For much-needed men’s shoes, tennis shoes/flip flops are preferred, with US men’s sizes 8-10 in high demand. Leather shoes are not common at the camp and are typically not selected by resident men.

We have current shortages in:
• Men's shoes (size 8-10) • Men's trousers (Small -Medium) • Children’s shoes (size 2-4) • Boys clothes ages 6 to 15 • Girls clothes ages 8 to 12 • Women’s leggings • Women’s scarfs / hijabs

Toys/Games for Children
Toys and games are purchased for children from financial donations based on need and planned craft activities, and larger donations that are not part of planned activities can use up much-needed space in the camp. Markers and uno cards are popular among all child friendly spaces, but please contact CCS with questions about other donations of children’s items.

Hygiene Supplies
Creating equity in a difficult and emotional refugee camp setting is a challenge, and it is important that hygiene products are distributed fairly. Therefore, we ask that any hygiene products, such as shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and soap are donated in minimum quantities of 160 of the same size and brand so each family can receive this donation. Unfortunately, smaller quantities are difficult to distribute.

It is suggested that volunteers bring any donations they wish to make with them to Greece. While many volunteers wish to ship donations, customs procedures and costs of getting goods out of customs can present an obstacle, and it can often be more financially wise for NGOs to purchase goods locally rather than paying customs tariffs.

If you have a large donation of much-needed items, such as men’s shoes or large quantities of hygiene supplies, please contact CCS before finalizing this donation so we can determine the financial and storage feasibility of accepting these donations through shipments.

Thank you for your generosity in helping us face this immense humanitarian crisis head-on.


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