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Appreciate this stunning country while you engage with local individuals as a volunteer in Thailand. From pristine beaches and remote mountain communities, to floating markets and bustling cities, Thailand will take your breath away. As a CCS Thailand volunteer in Bangkok, you'll be able to experience the fascinating juxtaposition of centuries old Buddhist tradition and a Southeast Asian metropolis.


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Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

In schools with enormous class sizes and inadequately equipped classrooms, Thai students often don’t receive the individual attention they need to thrive. With international corporations flocking to Thailand, English is becoming an essential skill for the workplace, yet with no historical roots in the English language, the Thai education system is often unequipped to effectively teach English skills to students. The CCS Education & Literacy Project works to make learning fun and rewarding and helps to bring individualized attention to each classroom. By sharing your skills, you’ll bestow confidence on students and teachers alike and have a long-lasting impact on the future employment opportunities of these eager students.

In Thailand, where Buddhist teachings of reincarnation abound, disability is often viewed as a failure from a past life. Sadly, many children with disabilities are orphaned due to family shame, and placed in centers with limited staff support. The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project works to meet the individualized needs of children with disabilities by teaching basic life skills and providing physical therapy. In centers where these abandoned children have a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities, your love and compassion can help them to grow and develop, thereby inspiring a brighter future. The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project requires a minimum commitment of six weeks.

Early childhood and the formative years are a time for exploration, discovery, and developing educational building blocks. In Thailand, community groups often help to financially support care centers for young children whose parents cannot otherwise provide a safe space for them during the workday. By leading enriching activities, you’ll support The CCS Child Development Project. You’ll also teach children creative expression when you share new ideas and techniques for free-form play with Thai caregivers.

Social changes in Thailand have changed the realities and challenges in health care for many members of the population. As the population is growing older, and immigration has increased from neighboring countries, there’s an increased need for education and outreach to create better health outcomes for all. Your work in The CCS Global Health Project will address global health needs across the population, from providing care to the older & wiser, working alongside medical professionals in hospitals/clinics, to providing education to girls & women across the community. Your efforts to focus on the social determinants of health will provide benefits for years to come for those most in need of support. The CCS Global Health Project is available only to those who are students enrolled in medical/dental school or qualified medical practitioners and requires a minimum commitment of six weeks.

Hear what the community is saying about CCS!
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"By teaching English to our children, volunteers have helped us reach our educational goals for our students. They always have fun new ideas to share."

"Since the volunteers have become the center of attention in the local community, they also draw positive attention to our center and have helped our community to become more aware of the work that we do with local children."

"Being taught by English speaking volunteers has helped our students easily absorb proper pronunciation. This increases their chances of moving on to a good primary school to continue their education."

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Your Bangkok Staff

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What would we do without Pimsuda? A Bangkok native, Pimsuda served as the Associate Regional Director of Family Planning International Assistance, an international arm of Planned Parenthood, and the Associate Director of Programming of the U.S. Peace Corps in Thailand before joining the CCS family as the Director of our Thailand program when it began in 2002. Pimsuda earned her B.S. in nursing and master’s in community and industrial guidance and counseling stateside in Kentucky. With a masters degree under her belt, she returned to Bangkok to work for the Population and Community Development Association, the largest family planning, health, and development non-profit organization in Thailand. She is passionate about many things, from reproductive health issues to Shakespeare, to spending quality time with her mother, husband, two sons, and young granddaughter. Pimsuda likes to joke that she loves citrus fruits so much because she needs the sourness to balance out her naturally sweet disposition – we couldn’t agree more!
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