"Little by little, a little becomes a lot." Tanzanian Proverb

Volunteer in Tanzania

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12 million Tanzanians live below the poverty line, a number almost unchanged over the last decade. A significant proportion of the population also hover just above the poverty line, and have very limited access to health care, quality education, and a decent standard of living. Under-nutrition remains one of the largest threats to human development in Tanzania and hits children the hardest by hindering their long-term physical and intellectual development.

Join CCS in Tanzania as we work to ensure children can reach their full potential. Universal primary education has drastically increased enrolment with more than 80% of primary school-age children attending, yet the quality of education offered and the increasing student dropout rates are a huge concern. With just 33% of children enrolling in secondary school our volunteer work focuses on girls and boys from preschool to teenage years to maximize their education as a pathway out of poverty.

CCS in Tanzania has been working for over 13 years as a leader in childhood education with the support of our international volunteer base.


Population Below Poverty Line
Human Development Index Ranking
151 / 188 countries
Primary School Dropout Rate
Under-5 Mortality Rate
51 / 1,000


Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

Child Development
CCS volunteers in Tanzania greatly contribute to improving the quality of education that every child deserves. Primary schools and organizations that support vulnerable children are under resourced and understaffed. CCS volunteers assist teachers, conduct educational and recreational programming, teach English language skills, and provide children with much needed one-on-one attention.

Global Health
Tanzania faces high infant and maternal mortality rates, as well as malnutrition and high rates of adolescent pregnancies. Through outreach, education, and care, you will provide much-needed support to vulnerable children and adults in low-income communities. In addition CCS is spearheading multiple public health projects in Tanzania including vision screening for children, oral health campaigns, and the promotion of hygiene in schools.

Girls' & Women’s Empowerment
Fostering economic opportunities for women creates financial independence and the leadership skills that builds stronger communities. These Tanzanian women are eager to receive your support and determined to transform themselves, their families, and ultimately the community at large.

Voices from the Community
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"One-to-one tutoring works extremely well for our disadvantaged kids. All of the volunteers give a lot of attention and love to the kids. Lot's of our students come from large, rigid families that may not pay enough attention to them. When they come to school and CCS volunteers are here, they get individual attention."

"For people in our community, not understanding basic English is the same as being illiterate. CCS volunteers do an excellent job of practicing English with our students, giving them a greater chance of future success."

"When volunteers visit the families of children impacted by HIV/AIDS, the families feel a sense of relief and solidarity."

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Your Kilimanjaro Staff

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I am a passionate advocate of education for women and girls, as the most important tool to escape poverty and avoid early or forced marriages.

Born and raised in a small rural village on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, I am the oldest of 12 siblings and assumed a leadership role in a humble family at a young age. By taking advantage of any educational opportunity offered to me, I earned a degree in Accounting and Social Work. My educational path offered me security from an early forced marriage, and I am dedicated to providing this opportunity to other young girls through my home region.

I have been dedicated to work with international volunteer organizations since 1994, where I’ve seen the impact that volunteers can have on promoting the importance of girl’s education to families, and giving every girl the chance she deserves to pursue her dreams.

Country Staff

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