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Impact Areas

Child Education
An influx of internally displaced people, often due to extreme poverty, to the capital of Lima created temporary communities that are still in existence today. Education, a right of every child, is lacking in these communities due to a lack of government support, absence of a proper ID to enroll in formal schools, and a sense of despair that the current educational opportunities available to children will create pathways to a better future. Support the community through improving the day to day education for children through activities, instruction, and individual support at day care centers and pre-schools so that children and families get a positive start to meet their educational goals.

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Child Health
While medical services do exist for communities in need, preventative care and appropriate sanitation facilities continue to be a primary struggle for children and families. Through group-based projects with 4 or more individuals, you can improve access to water by creating a WASH station in schools and community centers, run a vision project for children to receive eyeglasses, and participate in dental hygiene initiatives to ensure children have access to these supplies. By serving the most vulnerable communities in Lima in child health projects, you will prevent the spread of disease and further increase access to education.

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Peru is a dynamic county comprised of a plethora of indigenous cultures in addition to the more recent Spanish colonial, African, and Asian influences that all collide to create the fusion that makes Lima so unique. This is particularly visible in the cuisine; Lima is commonly celebrated as the gastronomic capital of South America. The geography of Peru is equally fascinating with desert, mountain, jungle, and coastal climates. During your stay in Lima, you will experience this mix of cultures and vibrancy in a city that is perched on clifftops overlooking the Pacific Ocean.


Population Below Poverty Line
Human Development Index Ranking
84 / 188 countries
Primary School Dropout Rate
Maternal Mortality Rate
89 / 100,000
Voices from the Community
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“With the kids, it’s really refreshing and eye opening to see how positive they are given their circumstances.”

"CCS volunteers have helped to improve our students' social skills. Mothers of our students have also benefited from the cultural exchange with the volunteers."

"Help from foreign volunteers gives our students and their families more hope for their future. For staff, it has been an enriching experience and a chance to meet people from different cultures."

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Your Lima Staff

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I believe that positive impact and investment in education can change the realities of the beneficiaries we serve. I am passionate about ensuring that each volunteer makes a meaningful difference, but also experiences Lima from the perspective of a Peruvian, from the delicious food to our history and culture.

I hold a Bachelor's Degree in Tourism Management from San Ignacio de Loyola University (Lima, Peru) and a Master's Degree in International Cultural Heritage Management from Durham University (Durham, UK). My work experience ranges from tourism to cultural heritage to social responsibility, where I have a particular interest in creating experiences that represent a true Peruvian immersion.

I am passionate about impactful volunteering and sustainability. CCS gives me a chance to make a difference.

Country Staff

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