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The India experience begins the moment you step off the plane and stays with you long after you depart. The mixture of India's languages, religions, spectacular architecture, and distinctive cuisine will rattle you, and leave you wanting more. New Delhi is a multidimensional metropolis where evidence of a layered history and modern society abound. Be sure to note each and every smell, sound, and sight as you explore all that the city has to offer, because we promise that when you return home, you'll miss them all.


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Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

When you work with The CCS Education & Literacy Project in New Delhi, you’ll help organizations who provide education and academic support to first-time learners; this includes street children, young single mothers, and children with disabilities.

When you work with The CCS Child Development Project in New Delhi, you’ll spend your time volunteering in a crèche. The mission of the crèche is to provide basic care, attention, love, and early childhood education to children who are at risk, marginalized, or otherwise vulnerable.

When you work with The CCS Aging with Dignity Project in New Delhi, you’ll provide much-needed companionship and support to some of the most vulnerable members of society. Show the aging community that they are important and respected through your care and compassion, while providing much-needed services.

When you work with The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project in New Delhi, you’ll help an NGO whose focus is the advancement of the disadvantaged. You’ll comfort some of the most vulnerable members of the local community who oftentimes have nowhere else to turn for basic services and care.

When you work with The CCS Global Health Project in New Delhi, you'll help an NGO whose mission is the advancement of the disadvantaged. Here, you’ll provide volunteer support for simple medical and health-related check-ups and tests. You may also work with professionals to provide care for the elderly who are either abandoned or living with disabilities.

A lack of economic power, educational opportunities, and understanding of human and reproductive rights create disproportionate gaps in the opportunities available to women and girls in many communities. In India, volunteer alongside midwives to improve women’s education and access to resources surrounding reproductive health, bringing clarity to the rights and misconceptions of sexual health and wellness. Support women who are improving their economic circumstances through small business development and other income-generating activities, who are the role models for future generations of young girls in the community. Your work with The CCS Girls' & Women’s Empowerment Project will create the foundation to build strong, successful communities.

Hear what the community is saying about CCS!
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"When our students get the chance to interact with people from foreign countries, their desire to engage motivates them to learn English in order to share their thoughts and feelings with the volunteers. They understand that the volunteers accept them with their disabilities. This really improves their confidence and brings happiness in their life."

"The children's English has improved and they are noticeably happier and more confident when working with volunteers."

"The impact is really positive because it is the English language which keeps the children as candidates for mainstream educational programs. Every child has benefited by attending these classes with the volunteers."

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Your New Delhi Staff

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CCS wouldn’t be CCS without Bela! Not only is she our Country Director for CCS India, but she’s also one of our founding members, and serves on our Board of Directors. Between her first-hand knowledge of CCS India and her professional and academic background in counseling, Bela is an incredible resource for volunteers.

She brings with her over 20 years of experience in international development and social services, and is renowned for her work in the field of special education. Bela is full of surprises: she loves all kinds of music, from classical Indian to Arabian music, to Jazz, and she’s an award-winning sharpshooter!
Country Staff

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