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Impact Areas

Child Education
While the Ghana Education Service offers a government-mandated curriculum for early childhood and primary school education, schools lack the resources and teachers for proper implementation. Students, particularly those with mild disabilities, do not receive individual assessments or one-on-one attention that is necessary to maximize their educational outcomes. CCS volunteers work closely with schools to implement curricula, provide individual attention, English training, and to provide experiential learning techniques to students who are typically taught solely through rote memorization. A number of schools have requested a variety of infrastructure projects suitable for groups of volunteers, such as libraries, educational murals and computer labs.
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Child Health
In a place where modern medical facilities meet traditional healing rituals, Ghana’s healthcare system is both diverse and complex. Rural communities, like Ho, are frequently without access to the healthcare causing negative health outcomes in children that could be prevented. To address these challenges, volunteers work in a health clinic to support mothers and children through well-child checkups, home visits, and educational workshops to stem the spread of malaria and malnutrition. To maximize our impact, volunteers are encouraged to form groups of 4 or more, to carry out a variety of health campaigns in public schools. The largest needs have been identified as building hand washing stations, conducting vision screenings, and supporting dental clinics for the school children.
Discover Opportunities to Work in a Community Health Center (2+ Weeks).
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One of the most politically stable countries in Africa, Ghana is gifted with a diverse and scenic landscape, from beautiful beaches and waters to forests with a diverse array of wildlife. A mix of modern and traditional belief systems, the culture of Ghana is complex yet welcoming, and you will find a friendly face and welcoming hand at every turn. Although over 100 languages are spoken throughout the country, English remains the official language for business and in secondary education.


Population Below Poverty Line
Human Development Index Ranking
140/188 countries
Average Schooling for Girls
2 years less than boys
Under-5 Mortality Rate
78/1,000 live births
Voices from the Community
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"The CCS volunteers have a very positive impact on my organization because they give pupils a reason to always be present in school and ready to learn."

"The love and empathy exhibited towards the students causes our school and the community to show more love and care for these children, too. The volunteers bring the school and the community together."

"Volunteers help to teach English and they promote cultural exchange and self-expression among the students."

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Your Volta Region Staff

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I am committed to the protection of children through education and opportunities to rise from poverty.

Growing up in small town in Ghana with my grandparents, I have seen the vulnerability that comes from being raised in poverty and not having opportunities for education. I was fortunate to have parents who believed in the value of education, and attended a Technical School to further my talents in electronics. However, it was CCS volunteers who motivated me, as a young man, to follow my passions and goals of attending university to establish a career in social justice and change.

In Ghana, over 28% of the population lives in poverty at under $1 per day. With schools that are too often underfunded and overcrowded, the need for individual attention, guidance, and encouragement to children pursuing their dreams is key to a brighter future. I am committed, with CCS volunteers, to improving the possibilities for each child in my community.

Country Staff

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