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As a volunteer in Ghana, you'll find a unique richness everywhere you look, from the country's cultural history to its varied expanses of wilderness and coastline. Known for its exceptionally warm national character, Ghana, meaning "Warrior King," is a place where visitors are welcomed as friends. In the Volta Region, home to the Ewe people, you will become family. Become a CCS Ghana volunteer and experience firsthand the culture and tradition of a place that you've only ever dreamed of.


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Once enrolled, you will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that's most interesting to you. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

Students in Ghana value any opportunity to learn, but they often find themselves in schools with severely under-resourced classrooms and few or no teaching staff. The CCS Education & Literacy Project works to improve education for children by filling classrooms with song, educational play, and hands-on activities. As a volunteer, you can help students learn English language skills in preparation for secondary school, as well as math, geography, and science. Be the motivation for the next generation of teachers, scientists, and entrepreneurs.

Gender equity has progressed in Ghana. And as many mothers work to support their families, they must rely on community support to help with their children. Community groups and childcare centers support the needs of these mothers and provide essential services for children. However, these centers are often under-resourced and severely understaffed. Your work with The CCS Child Development Project offers opportunities for entire families. While providing care, early education, one-on-one attention, and love to the youngest generation, you’ll bolster each child’s self-esteem and pave the way for their first steps toward a new future.

In many traditional societies around the world, stereotypes delay the intervention, education, and care that are essential to helping children with disabilities realize their full potential. Your efforts to provide education and individualized support in Ghana will improve the quality of care for people with disabilities. When you work with The CCS Support for People with Disabilities Project, you’ll provide one-on-one attention to students at residential care facilities who, in some cases, have traveled away from their families in order to secure the help they need. In a country that is home to children with a wide range of physical and cognitive disabilities, your volunteer efforts will range from working with cognitively disabled young children, to assisting older students in learning valuable trades, to caring for deaf students.

In a place where modern medical facilities meet traditional healing rituals, Ghana’s healthcare system is both diverse and complex. Through outreach, education, and care, you will provide much-needed support to an underfunded and overcrowded public health system. The CCS Global Health Project works to support the medical and emotional needs of patients, assist with health education, or address the underlying factors contributing to public health. You’ll contribute in a meaningful way and gain a unique understanding of a fascinating healthcare system that involves traditional healers, bone setters, and witch doctors.

With over 200,000 Ghanaians infected with HIV/AIDS, and almost as many children orphaned as a result, this health crisis affects communities, families, and individuals alike. To combat the stigma and false information surrounding it, we must address this epidemic with compassion, care, and education. The CCS HIV/AIDS Project works to break down barriers through support and outreach. Whether you’re working with children or adults, your compassion and voice can bring communities together, increase awareness, and encourage assistance for those struggling with HIV/AIDS.

Fostering economic opportunities for women creates independence and leadership opportunities. Your work with determined, motivated women looking to improve their circumstances transforms communities through The CCS Girls' & Women’s Empowerment Project. In Ghana, provide valuable health education for women surrounding reproductive and maternal health, or work alongside local microfinance programs to provide savings and small-business opportunities for women. By providing support and expanding possibilities, you’re empowering a generation of women who will serve as role models and educators across their communities.

Hear what the community is saying about CCS!
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"The CCS volunteers have a very positive impact on my organization because they give pupils a reason to always be present in school and ready to learn."

"The love and empathy exhibited towards the students causes our school and the community to show more love and care for these children, too. The volunteers bring the school and the community together."

"Volunteers help to teach English and they promote cultural exchange and self-expression among the students."

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Born and raised in Ghana's Volta Region, Makafui has been with CCS Ghana since its launch in 1998. After earning his bachelor's degree stateside at the University of North Dakota, Makafui established the CCS Hohoe program, and has been steering the ship ever since. When he's not busy with CCS Ghana or showing off his dance moves, Makafui loves to swim, after recently conquering a childhood fear of the water; go, Makafui, go! A dream of his is to build an operational plane out of scrap parts so while in Ghana, keep an eye out for anything he might be able to use.
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