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Here at CCS, we know that a chance to learn about the culture of the community in which you're volunteering is what truly makes the experience unique and complete. This is why we include plenty of immersive Cultural Activities to complement your volunteer efforts. As a volunteer, it isn't only the work that you do that will leave a lasting impact on the local community, but the cultural exchange and understanding in which you openly participate as well. Whether you're engaging in guided discussions on relevant local issues, or find yourself elbow deep in rice flour and learning how to cook a local specialty, every organized Cultural Activity will offer you a deeper understanding of the local community and all of its beautiful complexities.

Free Time and Adventure Trips
With CCS, Free Time is available on some afternoons, most evenings, and every weekend is an opportunity for cultural immersion on an adventure trip of your choice. So whether you choose to go it alone on a solo adventure trip or set out exploring with a crew of your fellow volunteers, every CCS destination offers plenty of time and tons of options for some off-the-charts travel excursions. The CCS team is always eager to pass along some favorite spots and insider recommendations, so just let us know if you’re not quite sure where you want to begin and we’ll be sure to point you in the right direction. Read more about what you can do during your free time on our blog.

Free Time expenses are not covered by the program contribution.

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