Being a CCS volunteer means more than just traveling, or just volunteering. It means becoming part of a unique community; an international network of CCS alums, in the fellow-volunteers that you’ll meet at the Home-Base, and of course, the local people in your new home away from home. The CCS experience is all about creating community and meaningful connections, and all of this happens organically from the comfort of your Home-Base and with the support of a full-time in-country staff.

A Day in the Life

With its endless opportunities for exploration and cultural immersion, you’ll find that each day in Greece brings with it new possibilities for eye-opening adventures and “ah-ha” moments. CCS provides you with all the basics that you’ll need for a memorable, safe, and insightful experience, while leaving you enough space to fill in the blanks with your own passions and experience. And no matter how you choose to experience Greece, we guarantee that you’ll quickly become “a part of the crew” as you exchange stories, laughter, and knowledge with your new neighbors.

Here’s a taste of what you can expect:

7:30 a.m.
Fill up on a Greek breakfast with eggs, yoghurt, fruit, and traditional handmade halvas if you’d like to go with your coffee.

8:30 a.m.
Pile into the CCS vans and head out to a busy and rewarding morning at your work assignment. Before you begin your assignment all volunteers gather for briefing of the day. Whether you are working in female-friendly spaces, dancing with the kids, or distributing food, your love, attention, and care makes a big difference.

12:00 p.m.
Meet up with your new friends and eat lunch with all of the volunteers at the camp. Sit down and enjoy the packed lunch of Greek food and some home comforts!

2:00 p.m.
Begin your final afternoon lesson. Being creative, fun, and full of movement will give the second part of the day a shot of energy and life! Step out of your comfort zone and get to know the children, teens, and parents you have been working with.

6:00 p.m.
Travel back to the Home-Base and enjoy another tasty home-cooked meal and free time to relax, unwind, and start preparing for your next day of volunteering.

The CCS Home-Base

Your home is located in Chalkida, the capital of Evia, a welcoming town with a promenade, small shops, museums, historical sites, beaches in driving distance and known for its seafood. After a long day of volunteering arrive at the Home-Base with beautiful views of the Mediterranean Sea. Modern and quiet accommodations will provide volunteers the opportunity to connect back home with family and friends via Wi-Fi or meet up with new found friends downstairs.

CCS Home-Base was designed with your safety and comfort in mind. We know the importance of a cozy bed and a nutritious and authentic meal to help fuel your volunteer work, and that’s exactly what we’ll have waiting for you when you arrive. Volunteers will be living in shared accommodation with other CCS volunteers and CCS staff. Typically rooms are for 2-4 people, with a shared bathroom. Breakfast and dinner are served at the Home-Base, and a packed lunch will be provided each weekday to eat at the camp. Expect lots of local Greek food, as well as some home comforts!

As soon as you arrive reception and CCS Staff members will greet you with a warm welcome and package to begin your experience in Greece. Your home away from home is modest but offers you everything you’ll need, and the warm memories of the volunteers that came before you can be felt throughout the Home-Base. Interested in exploring Chalkida and Evia on the weekends, speak with 24/7 reception about available tours and venues nearby the beautiful coast.

Cross-Cultural Solutions – Greece

Aggeli Goviou 9
Chalkís 34100

Can’t wait to share your experience? We got you covered! Staying connected at the Home-Base is easy with a landline for incoming calls (or pick up a phone card for international calls), and there’s always Wi-Fi available.

Enjoying Local Dishes

At the CCS Home-Base, you’ll enjoy two home-cooked meals each day, lunch will be brown bag. All meals are safely prepared using locally grown produce and authentic, regional recipes so you’ll get a taste of the culture in every bite! Enjoy some pure Greek flavors like olives and freshly pressed olive oil, the sweet and nutty halva, and plenty of fresh fruits and vegetables.

Your comfort and safety is our top priority and that doesn’t change when it comes to mealtime. Our cooks are all highly qualified in preparing delicious dishes for your dietary needs. No matter what you require, we can make the appropriate arrangements in the CCS kitchen to cater to your specific needs.

CCS Policies

As part of the CCS community, you’ll not only represent your home community, you’ll also be representing the CCS mission, vision, and values, and not to mention a community of over 35,000 intrepid alumni. This is not a typical travel experience – it’s an opportunity to make a real impact and real connections with the local community in a truly unique way. The safety of our volunteers is essential to our programs, and our policies are designed not only to keep you safe, but also to ensure that your shared experience is comfortable, respectful, and as impactful as possible.

Please note that breaking a CCS in-country policy is a serious infraction, as these policies are designed for your safety and to maximize community impact. If a policy is broken, it may result in the immediate termination of your volunteer program. In the case of a less severe infraction, at the discretion of CCS, a warning may be issued before a termination if the policy is broken again.

Drug & Alcohol Use: The use of illegal substances is not permitted on any Cross-Cultural Solutions program worldwide. Any volunteer who uses or distributes any illegal narcotics will be immediately terminated from their program, and may face local legal action.

Alcohol use is also not permitted by any volunteers under the age of 21. Any violations of this policy will result in immediate termination from the program. CCS expects that any adults over 21 that drink alcohol, do so responsibly and safely. Out of respect to residents at the camp, volunteers who have been drinking excessively or are hungover, will not be permitted to volunteer. Please review the full Drug & Alcohol Use policy.

Donations & Gift-Giving: Our impact in-country is based on volunteers offering their service to support the organizations with which we partner. For that reason, we do not allow direct donations or gift-giving by volunteers. A donation of $100 is given on each volunteer's behalf to our partner NGO for the work their organization is undertaking, this money is contributing in a sustainable and intentional way that doesn't disrupt the dynamics on the camps. Please review the full Donations & Gift Giving Policy for more information.

Curfew: As an international volunteer, it’s important to be well-rested for each day of work, and to be in the Home-Base at a reasonable time so as to not disturb your fellow volunteers and to remain safe. In Greece, all volunteers must be in the Home-Base by 11:00 pm each night preceding volunteer work assignment. On Friday and Saturday nights, if you are staying in Chalkida, you must be in the Home-Base by 1:00 am.

Sexual Relations: On CCS programs, out of respect for the in-country staff and fellow volunteers, sexual relations are not permitted in the CCS Home-Base. In addition intimate relationships are forbidden with residents of the refugee camps.

Weapons: To protect the safety of all volunteers, weapons are not permitted in the Home-Base.

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