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The CCS Home-Base is the home away from home for our volunteers, where they’ll connect with CCS staff and other volunteers, enjoy healthy and authentic meals, reflect on their experiences, or just relax. We ensure that volunteers will feel safe and comfortable.

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Volunteer Opportunities

The most effective approach to volunteering abroad – the only approach – is one designed by the community. With CCS, you’ll do meaningful work that addresses a specific community need. As you immerse yourself in the community – your new neighborhood – and work alongside local people to make a real impact, you’ll find beauty in every connection and commonality discovered, large or small. The CCS international volunteer experience offers you a genuine volunteer experience with countless opportunities to connect with, and learn from, local people in those communities in which you'll work to support.

Once enrolled, your group will have the chance to select the volunteer opportunity that best fits your goals. Volunteers will always receive their first preference. The only exception to this will be when there are national or school holidays, or there are exceptional circumstances.

The CCS Process and Support for:

Group Leaders

Step 1
Request a proposal from CCS

Fill out our form and we will send you a custom proposal with itineraries, costs, and other exciting details.

Trip Proposal

Step 2
Confirm Availability & Trip Details

Work with our Groups Specialist to review and confirm your customized trip proposal.

Step 3
Receive Your Promotional Materials

CCS will send a kit with posters, itineraries, info for participants, and presentation materials.

Step 4
Host an Information Session

A CCS representative will either be there or be on call to help.

Step 5
Enroll Your Group

Participants fill out required forms on their customized online myCCS Portal.

Step 6
Prepare To Travel

Your Program Specialist will provide advice about travel, passports, visas, packing, etc.

Step 7
Embark on your trip!

Forms management, volunteer education and orientation, all handled by CCS.

Our attention to detail sets us apart from any other international volunteer organization. In fact, we exceed the requirements set by the International Volunteer Programs Association (IVPA). We have an impeccable safety record to prove that our strategies work. Here are just some of the many safety features CCS covers.

CCS Support Team Transportation Home-Base

CCS Support Team

  • Directors with 15+ years experience
  • Experienced full-time staff from the local community with full background checks
  • At least 3 CPR certified and first-aid qualified staff members
  • Continuous professional development for staff
  • 24-hour access to CCS staff
  • At least 2 fluent English-speaking CCS staff members on duty
  • Excursions at safe locations with reputable tour operators


Countries have different standards when it comes to vehicle safety, such as whether or not people wear - or if cars even have - seat belts. We go the extra mile with transportation security for our volunteers.

  • All in-country transportation provided
  • CCS vehicles equipped with seat belts and first-aid kits
  • Gas tank at least ½ full before traveling
  • Vehicles regularly inspected


The CCS Home-Base is the home away from home for our volunteers, where they’ll connect with CCS staff and other volunteers, enjoy healthy and authentic meals, reflect on their experiences, or just relax. We ensure that volunteers will feel safe and comfortable.

  • Fresh food prepared by CCS cooks trained in food safety and prepared to meet dietary restrictions and preferences
  • Unlimited, safe bottled drinking water
  • Security guard on duty
  • Smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, fire extinguishers, and at least 2 fully stocked first aid kits in every Home-Base
  • Gender-separated rooms

Minimize Your Cost

Many CCS volunteers fundraise for their program fee—some even fundraise their entire program fee! We will help you navigate funding tools, tap into financial resources, and find creative ways to raise money in order to turn this amazing experience from a possibility to a reality. You can read successful fundraising stories on our blog, and you can talk to one of our Program Specialists directly by calling 1-914-632-0022. FIND OUT MORE

5 Things You'll Love About the Nan Province

The Nan Province in Thailand offers volunteers unique and versatile experiences that you can’t get elsewhere. From the picturesque lands surrounded by lush Thai trees and flowers to the beautiful culture of the Hill Tribes, you are sure to fall in love with this province. As a location that is less known to tourists, you will have an authentic experience surrounded by locals. Supporting one of our volunteer programs, you will have the opportunity to truly interact with the locals, and engage in incredible human-to-human interactions that leave a positive impact on both parties.

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