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Volunteers support community health organizations to create positive, measurable impacts in child health. Impact Projects are locally designed and aligned to the specific needs identified by healthcare professionals. All health campaigns are designed to provide an opportunity for impactful engagement in a thoughtful and ethical manner that maximizing the unique backgrounds of the volunteers.


Child Health Impact Projects are designed to tangibly provide the needed resources and education to improve the lives of children and their families. From a child receiving eyeglasses to see in school, to building WASH stations in schools to improve sanitation, to educational campaigns to fight malaria, our Impact Projects make a difference in communities one child at a time.

Impact Projects


The infrastructure for good hygiene practices and education is an essential piece to keep children healthy and attending school. WASH volunteers help under resourced schools that lack basic health infrastructure by physically constructing hand washing stations and implementing fun and informative workshops to help change hygiene behavior. All infrastructure projects are supported by local masons.

Join us as an individual for a public start date; or join us any time of year with a group of 4 or more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Morocco, or Ghana.

wash in schoolswash project

" Students were left with both the knowledge and resources to maintain proper hygiene practices."
Juvel, Program Coordinator

child vision vision project

"Thank you! Now I can see in class."
Vision Project Beneficiary


Clear vision is an essential part to both classroom learning, in-home study and overall health. Vision volunteers work with local professionals to conduct eye clinics at under resourced schools. They provide quality vision screenings and distribute eyeglasses to students in need. Make your mark to give children around the world the gift of sight.

Join us as an individual for a public start date; or join us any time of year with a group of 4 or more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Morocco, or Ghana.


Dental hygiene is an essential part of a child's well-being and often neglected in under resourced communities due to resources and education. Dental volunteers work with local staff to distribute toothbrushes, floss and toothpaste to in need school children while facilitating fun and enriching workshops. Dental screenings are also done with larger groups in partnership with local dentists. Help improve oral health and bring a smile to a child's face.

Join us as an individual for a public start date; or join us any time of year with a group of 4 or more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Morocco, or Ghana.

dental projectinternational dental

“The children's smiles were infectious, and I helped make them healthier.”
Dental Volunteer

health internshipinternship in health

"Volunteers help to provide information and break down harmful stigmas surrounding health."
Program Coordinator


Join us in Ghana and gain an impactful learning and service experience supporting local healthcare professionals at community health centers in the Volta Region. Interns help improve infant and child health, provide important educational opportunities on adolescent health, and fight the spread of malaria across the community. Internships are available to participants of all ages interested in making a meaningful contribution in Ghanaian healthcare.

Join us for your 4 week internship in Ghana.

Connect With Us to Learn More

If you're interested in supporting public health with Cross-Cultural Solutions, please give us a call at 914-632-0022, or chat with an alumni Program Specialist online. We can provide you with the first-hand information and resources to create a group or to embark on your individual service experience.

Dental, Vision, and Wash


Vision Project Dates

Guatemala: February 16, 2019
Morocco: May 4, 2019
Guatemala: May 25, 2019
Ghana: July 6, 2019
Peru: July 6, 2019
Morocco: July 6, 2019
Ghana: November 9, 2019

Dental Project Dates

Ghana: December 30, 2018
Peru: February 23, 2019
Ghana: March 2, 2019
Morocco: April 19, 2019
Ghana: May 18, 2019
Morocco: June 1, 2019
Peru: June 15, 2019
Thailand: August 3, 2019
Guatemala: August 17, 2019

WASH Project Dates

Guatemala: March 11, 2019
Morocco: April 19, 2019
Morocco: June 1, 2019
Ghana: June 1, 2019
Thailand: August 24, 2019
Ghana: September 14, 2019

Days for Girls

Ghana: June 15, 2019
Ghana: September 21, 2019

*Read More About Days for Girls Project here

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