Education volunteers work to improve early childhood development by supporting under resourced day care centers and local schools. Together, through these community organizations, volunteers provide much-needed support to improve the educational approaches and infrastructure within the education system.


With a focus on under-resourced education centers, volunteers provide much-needed capacity, new education techniques, individualized attention, and a strong early childhood curriculum. Our global education curriculum focuses on improving literacy, numeracy, social and emotional, and fine and gross motor development.

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Quality education in early childhood is essential to a student's future success in the classroom and a factor that can help break the cycle of poverty. Volunteers help implement a intentional activities that lay the foundation for children to learn to read, count, and gain the emotional intelligence to succeed in school. Volunteers are an essential support to underfunded and overworked education centers that have requested your help.

Join us as an individual or as a group in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Morocco, or Ghana.

Education in Ghanateaching abroad

"People like you have given us hope that our children will not go through the same hardships and live in these same conditions as us."
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Education AbroadTeach literacy abroad

"The CCS volunteers have a very positive impact on my organization because they give pupils a reason to always be present in school and ready to learn.."
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As a Child Health Intern, you'll engage in daycares and primary schools to review and assess the impact of our Early Childhood Education program on students and classrooms, tracking the progress of each student toward our early childhood education goals. Make a direct impact in the classroom through instruction, and work with CCS volunteers to provide support to the cultural nuances of education curriculum in Costa Rica.

Join us any time of year in Costa Rica.


CCS partner schools and day cares often lack basic physical infrastructure that support child enrichment and learning. With your group of 4 or more, you can improve learning spaces for students by creating libraries, painting educational murals, building computer labs, or improving recreational facilities. Your group can tangibly and meaningfully improve a schools environment while helping educational outcomes in the process.

Join us as a group of four or more in Costa Rica, Guatemala, Peru, Thailand, Morocco, or Ghana.

teach abroadteach students abroad

"CCS volunteers have helped us complete projects that would have otherwise been abandoned."
Infrastructure Beneficiary

Our Early Childhood Education Curriculum

The CCS Early Childhood Education Curriculum is a thoughtfully-designed year-long curriculum focused on preschool, kindergarten, and primary school students. The curriculum is designed to meet core objectives in early childhood education, including literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development, and fine and gross motor skills. CCS volunteers implement this curriculum, while tracking the progress of individual students in meeting their development goals.

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