Your perfect summer volunteering experience

Planning a summer volunteer program to span a majority of the season can be daunting. Wouldn't it be nice to have some expert guidance as you consider where to go, how long to stay, and when to a hop a flight, train, or bus on to the next destination? Of course it would! That’s why I’ve put pen to paper to share with you one of my favorite summer volunteer abroad itineraries.

Some travelers commemorate incredible experiences with photos. Others like to record memories and important lessons in a journal. But if your favorite reminder of a once-in-a-lifetime experience is a recipe — a familiar taste or smell — then I've got the perfect summer volunteering itinerary for you.

Bangkok, Thailand
Start Date: June 1, 2013
Program Length: 3 weeks

Whether you’re at the CCS Home-Base or wandering the food stalls around Bangkok’s markets, you’ll find lots of spice, flavors that are pleasingly sour and surprisingly sweet, plenty of fresh local ingredients, and the smell of food everywhere. Let your nose and your taste buds lead the way as you explore Thai cuisine in Bangkok.
Itinerary includes 1 week for travel before your next stop, so stick around to explore or opt for a fourth week with CCS in Bangkok.

Rabat, Morocco
Start Date: June 29, 2013
Program Length: 3 weeks

Dishes that will likely end up on your list of favorites in Morocco include tagine — a slow cooked stew — and other hearty stews, couscous, and ktefa – a dessert made with crunchy pastry dough and sweet fillings. And you can wash down each tasty morsel with a cup of Moroccan mint tea, a staple for local people and a favorite of our volunteers. And if markets are your thing, in Morocco, you’ll find some of the most incredible — not to mention some of the largest — open-air markets around!
Itinerary includes 1 week for travel before your next stop, so stick around to explore or opt for a fourth week with CCS in Rabat.

Destination: Lima, Peru
Start Date: July 28, 2013
Program Length: 3 weeks

In Lima, you’ll find fresh ceviche, local dishes like cuy and tiradito, potatoes of every shape and color, and chifa — Chinese-Peruvian fusion. At the CCS Home-Base, you'll soon discover that the Peruvian aji sauce is good enough to eat on just about everything.
Summer volunteer program itinerary wraps up on August 18.

And there you have it! Your perfect summer volunteer experience. That's 12 weeks in three countries on three continents!

Contact a Program Advisor today to start planning your ultimate summer volunteer itinerary. Your next big adventure is closer than you think!

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