Working Professionals

Volunteer in Brazil with young boy displaying completed art project.

Cross-Cultural Solutions offers meaningful travel for working professionals, whether you are a job seeker, on sabbatical, looking for an enriching short-term volunteer vacation, or as a team-building corporate group.

Volunteers with CCS return from a program with new skills and experience in health, social services and education, which can often help advance your career or assist in deciding to change your career focus. Volunteer work programs are offered year-round and worldwide.


Thousands of working professionals at all stages of their career and life have participated in volunteer travel with CCS. No matter which program you choose, our unique program design means that you'll experience the community at a deeper level than you ever could have imagined. The expertise of our staff and the comfort of our Home-Base provide unparalleled support so that you can leave a meaningful contribution in the local community and achieve your personal goals.
Start dates are available year-round, and in over 20 program sites in 12 countries. Find the program that works best for you:
Volunteer Abroad: If you have at least two weeks, consider our Volunteer Abroad program. Have the experience of a lifetime while making a real difference and experiencing another culture like never before.

Insight Abroad: If you can only spare one week, the Insight Abroad program is perfect for you. This program features the same elements of the Volunteer Abroad program, but includes a group volunteer project that can be completed in only one week. This is a wonderful option if you only have one week to volunteer or if you’d simply like to test the waters before committing to a longer program.

Intern Abroad: If you are a looking for a more in-depth work experience abroad, check out our Intern Abroad program. Although designed primarily for students seeking academic credit, Intern Abroad offers an amazing learning experience for people interested in education, health, or social services. No matter where you are in your career, the work experience is a great addition to your resume.


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