Why Ginelle picked CCS

Did you know that just about everyone who works at Cross-Cultural Solutions' HQ is a former volunteer? So when you call and ask a question, we're not reading from a manual. Instead, we're speaking from the heart about our own experience. We're sharing why, when we were in your shoes and doing our own research, we picked CCS.

Many of us—if not most—have been to several Cross-Cultural Solutions destinations and volunteered many times over and for extended periods of time. So we're not just experts at what we do, we're passionate alumni.

But the staff members here at CCS are far from the only folks who fell in love with their CCS experience. With a 99.5% satisfaction rate, we can confidently say that just about everyone comes home impressed, fulfilled, experienced, and changed.

Take Ginelle, a recent alum of CCS Dharamsala in India. She just returned from her CCS volunteer program in June. In her blog, she talks about why she chose CCS (she had volunteered with a different organization once before) and what the experience was like for her.

I encourage you to check out her blog and see for yourself, but here's a little spoiler on some of my favorite details:

Why she chose us:
"The reviews and reputation of CCS drew me to seal the deal."

Her enrollment process:
"I am beyond happy with my experience. I signed up in November of 2012 for a summer trip and during the months in between I received phone calls, emails, trainings, and they answered all of my mundane questions as well as the important ones."

Ginelle's first moments in India:
"When I got to India, I was happily greeted at the airport by an awesome crew and then shown my flat in New Delhi with AC and wifi. We had a cook and some orientations. The director got us ready for our placements and cultural experiences. She's a sassy and bold woman who started CCS India 15 years ago herself. She's awesome. All of the staff we met had been working for the organization anywhere from 10-15 years."

Would she recommend Cross-Cultural Solutions?
"All in all, CCS has been amazing. I chose this organization for the structure and support because that is something that lacked in my previous experience. I definitely got those and more! So, I highly recommend CCS and if anyone wants to sign up with them I'd be more than happy to help you fundraise. People came on this trip ages 18-65, so you're never too young or too old."

Read the rest of Ginelle's story on her blog. And take a look at this post for some awesome photos.


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