Updates from Princeton Bridge Year in Brazil

Princeton Bridge Year Students
It's time for another update from our group of seven Princeton Bridge Year students spending their gap year with Cross-Cultural Solutions in Brazil. The group has been in-country for about one month, and each day they share new experiences as they learn, grow, and volunteer together.

So allow me to introduce you to another one of the students and share with you an excerpt from a recent blog post. Meet Tlaloc:

I began work at the daycare and home for hindered women this Monday. I however, was not the only newcomer this week. Tati of course began with me at this work site. Additionally, an adorable baby boy who would not stop crying joined the others. So naturally they paired us up. I found myself at a loss to imagine the home, parents, and possibly siblings of this child the same way he struggled to cope with this loud new place without his mother.

As the other children played on the other side of the fence, the baby and I strolled by the pictures and names of the others as I hummed songs I used to go to bed to. He was reluctant to calm down but could not resist glimpsing the faces of the other children. Fatigue from his crying fits started to chip away at his prejudices. His head bobbing and hand beginning to clench my shirt, he drifted off to sleep.

I had been, and still am, in awe of the nuns who run the center. Day in and day out, their loving, purposeful, and dogged consistency pervaded their demeanor. To choose to love the being you hold in your arms is one thing, quite tangible and rewarding. To give all you have to everyone and all with no expectations but your best effort is another. Feeding, holding, cleaning, and playing certainly made it clear how pertinent such work is, as did my experiences with the older women this morning. I then wonder sometimes why there do not exist more people doing such work aside from any differences in belief. More specifically, why I did not not do more work like it. I certainly should have. Hence my wish to do a gap year of this nature.

Read the full post and keep up with the rest of Tlaloc's Brazilian volunteer adventure!


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