Top 5 things we hear from volunteers

With over 35,000 alums in our global family, we've heard some incredible stories about how adventurous volunteers have embarked on the Cross-Cultural Solutions experience of a lifetime, and how for them, it changed everything.

While each story is unique, we've found that there are some ever-present common threads. Here's a list of the top five feelings shared by CCS alums all over the world:

  1. Incredible connections were made in the local community: "The people are about 100x warmer than you can ever imagine."
    Alexis, Ghana, returned February 2013
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  2. They were able to feel their impact: "I suddenly felt this very simple and beautiful connection with that little boy, and that feeling will stay with me forever."
    Sara, Thailand, returned December 2012
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  3. They got even more than they gave: "Although I was the one there to teach them, they ended up teaching me so much. They taught me to appreciate my own life, my path, and the network of family and friends who were all waiting for me back home."
    Ben, Kilimanjaro, returned January 2013
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  4. They made lifelong friends: "The people you meet while volunteering and traveling will almost without a doubt become your friends for life."
    Alex, many time volunteer reflecting on Guatemala 2013
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  5. They want to go back: "I can't wait until I have another opportunity to volunteer abroad with CCS. I think international travel with a goal of helping others is so different than your typical getaway because it allows you to be a part of something bigger, and it helps you to learn something new about yourself as well as a different part of the world."
    Corynne, Kilimanjaro, returned January 2013
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So what will your story be? There's just one way to find out. Reserve your life-changing, story-starting experience today!


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