Alternative spring break volunteer trips

Whether you're looking for a volunteering adventure under the Costa Rican sun, an alternative break in India, or some time in Guatemala to do good, here are 5 reasons why your next spring break should be an alternative spring break with Cross-Cultural Solutions:

Alternative Spring Break

1) You can share the story with mom and dad. So maybe you haven’t always behaved like the perfect angel your parents know you to be on spring break trips in the past. It happens. But when you volunteer internationally on an alternative spring break program with CCS, we guarantee that you’ll return home with tons of inspiring stories to share with the folks.
2) Everyone else is going to Mexico. Let’s put that Economics 101 knowledge to the test. What happens when everyone wants to purchase a flight to the same place during the same short window of time? Airfare gets sky high! Popular spring break destinations like Cancun and Panama City Beach are in peak season right around spring break. That means accommodation, transportation, flights, and even meals could be pricier than usual. When you enroll to volunteer on a CCS alternative spring break, meals, in-country transportation, accommodation, cultural activities, and 24-hour support are all included. Plus, travel with a group of six or more volunteers, and you can score an awesome discount!
3) Start a tradition. Some schools have got some pretty out there traditions. Naked quad runs in the dead of winter, mud volleyball fundraisers, organized howling — yup, it’s a thing. But maybe it’s time to start a tradition of your own. Organize some friends from your club, sports team, sorority, or fraternity to volunteer this spring break, and then challenge future generations to keep your alternative spring break tradition alive. Make it “a thing.”
4) Give back. Take a moment to reflect on all of the amazing things that you’ve gotten as a college student. You’ve made lifelong friends, laughed until you cried, explored your independence, and had tons of opportunities to be taught by some of the brightest minds in the field. Pretty incredible. Now it’s time to give back. Spread the love and share all of the good vibes that you’ve enjoyed with somebody whose culture is different from your own. Somebody who can seriously benefit from your perspective, enthusiasm, and passion. And somebody who has so much to share with you as well.
5) Feel awesome. This one is self-explanatory. Volunteering on an alternative spring break abroad will make you feel awesome. It’s a fact.

Volunteer Over Spring Break

Go ahead and pick your alternative spring break destination, or contact a Program Advisor for some advice.


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