Teach English in Africa

Volunteer abroad and teach English in Ghana, Africa
You know two things: You keep finding your gaze drift over to the continent of Africa as you search for your next big adventure, and you're certain that teaching English abroad is the way that you want to make your impact. When you teach English in Africa with Cross-Cultural Solutions, you're supporting our partner organizations in their efforts to provide better access to education for children and adults alike. But you may be wondering, "How can I choose between Morocco and Tanzania?" These are the right questions to ask; Africa is a massive and incredibly diverse continent.

CCS has three unique programs in Africa where our volunteers can teach English. And choosing the right destination for you can be as easy as learning a little more about each of our Africa volunteer abroad destinations.

Volta Region, Ghana

teach English in Africa with CCS

If you're interested in a more rural volunteer experience, Ghana's Volta Region may be exactly what you're looking for. When you volunteer to teach English in Ghana's bustling town of Hohoe, you'll work with students of all ages as they work to improve their language skills, giving them access to a greater variety of academic and career opportunities. And your presence in the classroom will have a more immediate result, too. We've found that more students attend school on the days that CCS volunteers are leading English instruction. And when you're not volunteering, you'll have a chance to learn more about Ghanaian history and tradition, hike the Wli Waterfall trail, visit a local batik—colorful Ghanaian printed fabric—maker and learn how it's made, and explore the country's coastal region.

Rabat, Morocco

Volunteer abroad and Teach English in Morocco

When you teach English in Morocco, you'll experience all that North Africa has to offer. Spend your time volunteering alongside local people to help young working professionals improve their English, a skill that will ultimately help them access a wider variety of quality career opportunities. Share your stories about life back home and learn about the lives of your adult students, all while helping them improve their English language skills. As a volunteer in Morocco, you'll have a chance to explore the history and traditions of Islam, explore the bustling medinas, camp out in the Sahara, visit the markets of Marrakesh, and so much more!

Kilimanjaro, Tanzania

In beautiful rural East Africa, you'll join an impressive community effort to make secondary education available to more children. Working alongside a dedicated group of Tanzanian women—or mamas, as they are lovingly referred to—you'll help teach English to eager students who require a working knowledge of the language in order to pass a national secondary school entrance exam. Prepare yourself for students who can't wait to learn. When you're not volunteering, there is ample time to plan a safari in the Serengeti or make the epic climb up Mount Kilimanjaro. No matter what kind of volunteer adventure you're in search of, you'll find it in Tanzania.

Want more details on what it's like to teach English in Africa? Contact one of our expert Program Advisors today!


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