Impacting Vision in Schools - One Child At A Time
Volunteer AbroadIn under-resourced schools around the world, children encounter challenges to receiving a high-quality education. CCS impact volunteers are making a difference in one challenge for too many children - vision - to make our mark in improving global education, one child at a time. Vision: A Global Struggle
The Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 2
Volunteer AbroadWe're back with part 2 of Bruce's blog about his volunteer experience with CCS in Peru. Dive in with us to explore how we impact child education in this community! In Part 1 of this post I gushed a bit about how this little humble preschool is a sanctuary and oasis by explaining where it is located in order to give you a brief glimpse into what they have worked through to make this beautiful dream a reality.
The Kusi Wawa Kuna Preschool – Lima Peru – PART 1
Volunteer AbroadEver wonder what it's like to walk into a volunteer impact assignment with CCS on day 1? Join volunteer Bruce on his journey in Peru! The Peruvian volunteering assignment I was blessed to receive from the charity A Fresh Chapter was serving as a volunteer assistant in the Kusi Wawa Kuna preschool. Read more about the teachers and Kids of this wonderful preschool in Part 2 of this blog post, but to know the full beauty of this school you need to know a little something about its neighborhood.
Journey with Robin to Morocco
Volunteer AbroadTake a journey with us to the town of Azrou, Morocco in the Atlas Mountains with CCS volunteer, Robin, as she recounts three incredible experiences from her volunteer experience <strong(and shares the CCS cook's recipe for authentic mint tea!) Oh My Age 5!
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