Retirees: Volunteer Impact

Check out this amazing article from one of our very favorite former Program Advisors, Marge Rubin. Although she recently retired after more than 17 years on the CCS team, she didn't forget to leave behind a ton of useful knowledge.

All too often in our culture, older people feel left behind in the always technologically advancing society that is the U.S. today.

Yet, there is a world of cultures that consider older people wise and valued because of their life experiences.

My mother was a farm wife all her life. She raised her children, cared for her home and worked a farm from age 18 to age 80. She never traveled nor ever dreamed it was possible to do so. Then I became involved in Cross-Cultural Solutions (CCS) when I turned 50. I volunteered in India first, and then Ghana and Peru. She was amazed at my travels, loved my stories and wished she could share in the adventure. "Why not?" I asked!

So what can an 80-year-old woman do?

My answer was anything she wanted to do. The sky is the limit and everyone has something to give.

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