New Program Site: Guanacaste, Costa Rica

Cross-Cultural Solutions is proud to announce the opening of its new site: Guanacaste, Costa Rica. Known for its pristine beaches, biodiversity, warm weather, and welcoming people, Guanacaste is an incredible place to make a meaningful impact. Here are some quick facts from development specialist, Annie Chen about this gorgeous new location that’s ready to receive our volunteers so they can make a positive impact!

Can you tell me about the overall community?

There are about 350,000 people in the entire province. There is an ethnic mix of Spaniards and Chortega (an indigenous group native to this part of Central Community. Volunteers will be greeted by a warm climate all year long, boasting the least rain in Costa Rica. The Guanacaste province has been rapidly growing in tourism in the last 20 years.


What are the needs of the community?

Guanacaste is beautiful, but there are many needs that our volunteers can help address. Many children are put into overcrowded daycares during the day, run by one tia. They are often lost in the numbers, and don’t get the individual attention that they need to thrive.

Infrastructure, attention, and assistance with younger children, especially children of broken homes and families are greatly needed.

What is unique about this location?

This region is one of National Geographic’s 5 Blue Zones- areas known for extraordinary life longevity. There is a rare combination of climate leading to the phenomenon of the “dry tropical forests” inland, a “Gold Coast” of very beautiful and tourist-filled beaches, Guanacaste Mountain Range- the scenery is truly diverse. There are seven national parks in the area! Many tourists are surprised by the strong cowboy culture there. There are cows, horses, and dairy farms everywhere.

What kind of sites will our volunteers work in?

Our volunteers will focus on child development in the Guanacaste community, They will work in daycares, community center activities, and primary schools.

What value will our volunteers add to the local community?

Our volunteers will provide physical support on the ground to help address needs in child development. Volunteers will be a relief to overburdened tias throughout the day and provide child care centers with the extra support that they need.. By seeing that their plight is heard around the world and that others are willing to help, there will be a moral boost in the community. Inland (away from touristy beaches) don’t have as much of an influence or exposure to foreigners, and the communities there love to meet people from around the world.

The Guanacaste Province is a stunning location to make a meaningful impact in Costa Rica. We need your help to make a difference--join us in making an impact.


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