My version of a “Bucket List”

Way back in 1988, I sat on my living room couch and made a list of what I wanted to do during my lifetime. This was my version of a “Bucket List” long before the movie. On this lofty list of over thirty things, I wrote ideas such as have a baby, learn a foreign language, teach a child to read, make a new friend every year, and run a marathon. My list, now resembling a worn-out piece of paper and barely legible to read resides in my wallet and is pulled out, read and reviewed, often. It has become my life plan. Over the years I have happily checked things off after completion….though sometimes the simple act of crossing something off of one’s “Bucket List” can be bittersweet.

When I returned home from Guatemala, I pulled out my list and checked off two items: 1. Spend time in a developing country and 2. Volunteer abroad. I am thankful to the Association of Junior Leagues International and Cross-Cultural Solutions for the opportunity to turn my dreams into realities. My service trip was beautiful, challenging, fun, impactful, and humbling. Guatemala is a country filled with loving people who need our prayers, support and help. I will always remember the many faces of the people I met up close and those I saw at a distance, and reflect on how we were able to make a difference in their lives—if only for a week. In returning home, I am certain that I gained a deeper appreciation for my life and greater love for my family, friends and country.

I am thankful to my Junior League friends, who shared this amazing experience with me. I know that my life is fuller and more meaningful because of these inspiring women!

Hasta pronto!


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