My most successful fundraiser.

My most successful fundraiser was a girl’s only event held at a local hunt club. I sent out flyers to my parent’s friends, all my girlfriends, and every woman I ran into including the mail delivery person. I also created a Facebook event and invited every female on my Friends list. Social media really helped to spread the word about the fundraiser. I included a link to MyCCS page, in case friends could not make the event but wanted to help.

The idea of the event was to have a pampered “Best Friends” afternoon of wine and desserts. It cost $10/person for unlimited wine and desserts. The desserts were all donated by family and friends. For the wine, I contacted a vendor and got a great deal. Whatever wine I did not use that day I would return without a charge.

In addition to the wine and desserts, there was shopping and pampering services. I contacted different vendors such as 31, Scentsy, Silpada, and a local crafts-woman. Each vendor agreed that whatever percent that they would normally take home, they would in return donate it to me instead. A local masseuse brought her table and setup in a private room upstairs at the hunt club. She charged a dollar a minute and donated the money she made to me.

The activity, in which I made the most money, was a silent auction. I sold tickets 1 for $1 or 6 for $5. The tickets were placed in a bucket in front of different baskets. It took some time and effort to get all the items for the gift baskets. I made phone calls to local merchants and attractions to donate items for the silent auction. From another local masseuse, I received a massage gift certificate along with any other relaxation items. An Avon representative donated an array of products, and a scrapbook artist donated premade scrapbooks, frames, and scrapbooking materials. I called a water park was granted 4 passes. I also received a picnic basket that had a tablecloth, silverware holder, napkin holder, festive lights, salt and pepper shakers, and more. A different 31 representative donated a 31 bag.

This entire day of activities grossed $2500. Everyone had a great time and I was well on my way to Costa Rica.

I created a blog so that all those, who were so generous, could follow my adventures with Cross-Cultural Solutions. I tried to blog least 3-4 times a week. Each donor received a card to keep on their refrigerator with the blog name. When I returned home, I had an abundance of people tell me how much they enjoyed the blog; it felt like they were right there with me.

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