More ways to save on your flight

Last week we inaugurated our cheap flight blog series with my top 5 must-know tips for finding a cheap flight. Have you tried any of those? Let us know on Facebook.

1. Search by city, not airport
I live in New York, so I am lucky enough to have three major airports all just about equidistant from my front door. While I might prefer JFK, nearby Newark International is a hub for different airlines and is accessible by public transportation, so I always keep an open mind. When you're doing a flight search, search by city, not airport—in my case, NYC versus JFK.

2. Sign up for cheap flight alert emails
Yes, this might clog your inbox a bit, bit it's worth it for a cheap flight. Check out Orbitz, Travelocity, Airfarewatchdog, and loads of others for tailored emails based on your departure city. Expect a list of deals from your hometown. So just think about which CCS destinations draw you in, and keep an eye out! This is different from the fare alert emails I mentioned in my last post because they aren't route specific.

3. Take public transportation to the airport when possible
If a loved one isn't available to see you off, don't take a cab! Car sharing ideas like Super Shuttle or public transport are not only better for the environment, they can also cut the price of a trip to the airport in half.

4. Age appropriate discounts
Check out STA travel if you're college-aged, or AARP for the older set. They both work as aggregators to seek out discounts on flights. If you fit into one of those categories, consider a membership to help save on a flight prices.

5. Be flexible on days
Search aggregators like Kayak and Hipmunk allow you to expand your search options to include 3 days before or after your preferred date. While your CCS start dates aren't flexible, this means that you can arrive early and explore the city, or, like plenty of other CCS volunteers—myself included—you can stay after your life-changing experience and have some free time to explore the country you've just fallen in love with. Trust me, you'll want to. When I left Kilimanjaro in January, I boarded the plane kicking and screaming. Speaking of, maybe you want to spend an extra week volunteering anyway. One of the most common pieces of feedback we hear is "I wish I stayed longer."

What am I missing? How else have you saved money on a flight? Let us know on Facebook!


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