Meet Our Staff: Costa Rica

At Cross-Cultural Solutions, our in-country staff always goes above and beyond to ensure the comfort of our volunteers. As members of the local community, they help to provide our volunteers with an authentic and genuine connection to their new cultural experience. From your new friend who will pick you up from the airport to the coordinator for volunteer activities, we’ll be with you every step of the way. Ivory Price, our Program Specialist for Costa Rica, spoke with some of our in-country staff so you could see why they’ll love to meet you!

Juvel Photo

Juvel, Program Coordinator

Role with CCS- I am the bridge between the volunteer assignments and the volunteer expectations. I support the volunteers with any questions they may have in regards to our culture or the work assignment. I help to implement the early education curriculum in the daycares and evaluate the programs that we have. I Help to identify the needs in the community, and the project sites that we work in. I work alongside Jose, the Country President, to make sure that we are making a positive sustainable impact in the community.

Favorite Memory- I don't have one particular favorite moment, but I do enjoy just the simple talks with people about their lives and experiences. I am always excited to share my culture with others. It is incredible to share the impact that we make in the local community with our volunteers. We work together to make a difference.

Favorite Part About Working for CCS-I like to meet new people from different parts of the world, including the USA. The multicultural exchange that you have by being exposed to these people is amazing. The CCS volunteers are always willing to learn about our culture so that we can have a genuine cultural exchange I also love to work with helping my community through the work that the volunteers do. I love to work with the local people and expat staff who are all important to this experience. CCS is truly doing amazing things in Costa Rica, and it is an incredible experience for anyone who wants to make a difference and participate in a meaningful cultural exchange.


Veryta, Housekeeper

Role with CCS-I help out with housekeeping and cleaning the home base during the week. On the weekends I also prepare meals for volunteers.

Favorite Memory-We have had so many great volunteers, so it's hard to think of only one instance. I really enjoy volunteers that are really sweet and talkative. It's so nice to build a friendship with some of the volunteers. For example, Audrey, a social work intern that was here for three months was incredible. She was so nice and kind. We truly enjoyed having her here. When volunteers stay a long time like she did, they build good relationships with the staff and local community. I have so many great memories with all the volunteers that come.

Favorite Part About Working for CCS-Well, I've worked with CCS at a few different times. My first experience with CCS was when I was 19, I was very young. It was great for me to meet visitors and volunteers and people from other places. That's one reason I loved to come back to work here. Since I was very young CCS opened a lot of doors for me. I have a lot of sentiment for this job. Jose has always been the Country President and been great to work with. My coworkers are also great. The volunteers are such a joy to have around. I've gained a lot of experience and met people from around the world. It's a great organization that I've been with since I was young. I feel like I've grown and grown up with CCS.


Alan, Driver

Role with CCS-I'm a driver for CCS. I greet all of the volunteers at the airport and welcome them to the Home-Base!

Favorite Memory There are so many amazing memories that I have with CCS. Every experience is different and unique. Going to different places with the volunteers is always fun and incredible. We go on trips to see rainforests, volcanoes, and gorgeous valleys. It is always a new adventure, and fun to show people the beauty of my country.

Favorite Part About Working for CCS- I love many things about working for CCS. One of my favorite parts is meeting the new people. Every day is different, and we always get to interact with different groups. It is so rewarding to help at the different volunteer placements. It's awesome to work with the volunteers and see how their experience here changes their minds and viewpoints. It’s really incredible to see the exchange of impact that takes place. The volunteers positively impact the local community and working in the country changes the volunteer's mindsets as well. They see a wider perspective of the world.

At Cross-Cultural Solutions, wherever you go, there are so many new friends waiting to meet you. For an authentic travel experience and cultural exchange, start looking into our start dates!


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