My experience as a medical intern in Peru

It was almost the end of my second year of college and with summer around the corner, my best friend and I were exploring our options. I told him that I wanted to do something big and important, and that's when he showed me Cross-Cultural Solutions. We decided to travel to Peru and intern as medical assistants. Peru was amazing and the Cross-Cultural Solutions staff was remarkable. I learned more about myself in that one month than I had in years.

interning in Peru

One of the people that I met during my time volunteering in Peru was Cassandra. Cassandra has a mental and physical disability which results in her being unable to use her arms to the full extent. Instead, she utilized her two feet to write, draw, and express her feelings. She used one foot to draw with a pencil and another one to erase. I watched as she drew a beautiful picture and never gave up no matter how frustrated she became. And she always had a smile on her face.

One day, we took the kids out in order to help them navigate real-life situations such as purchasing goods and taking the bus to get from one place to another. Cassandra did great, and she never lost that smile. I'm not sure that she knows this, but Cassandra taught me that we should never give up, no matter what circumstances we may face.

Whether it's in a school interview, job interview, or social gathering, I continue to talk about my CCS experience to this day. The experience has changed my life positively, made my relationship with my best friend stronger, gave me new lifelong friends, and has truly inspired me to pursue my love for the medical field. I highly recommend the CCS program to everyone because of the great organization, the staff, and the full experience provided from start to finish that other programs lack. I miss Peru very much and hope to do another program with CCS soon!


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