Journey with Robin to Morocco

Volunteer In Morocco

Take a journey with us to the town of Azrou, Morocco in the Atlas Mountains with CCS volunteer, Robin, as she recounts three incredible experiences from her volunteer experience <strong(and shares the CCS cook's recipe for authentic mint tea!)

Oh My Age 5!

Individually they are adorable, but 36 of them pounding on desks just to hear the noise is almost scary. All the verses we knew Of Quiet Down songs did not make a dent. (The regular teacher has a large stick she slams on the desk. At which they look up and go back to what they were doing.) So that was a clear signal that class was over. They actually quieted down for the Good Bye song - out of Shock?

Volunteer In Morocco

Tomorrow we will use Glue! (On the paper craft - what did you think I meant?)

I had the 3 year olds and after 10 minutes to collect backpacks and gather them on the floor, we got through red AND blue! And got the “head” part of “head, shoulders, knees and toes.”

We did walk up for coffee which luckily we had just learned in Arabic class that to order 1/2 milk, we ask for cafe nes-nes. We learned to conjugate verbs, too, but that was not nearly as useful.

Warmer weather. Amazing food.

Into the Kitchen

We made tea and pancakes today at the Homebase and had a chance to chat a little about women’s things. I asked what percent of the day was sent in meal preparation.

“All of it.”

Sometime there is a short break after lunch and before dinner unless you make pancakes or something special. Add a baby or a job and...

“you have to figure it out.”

A few rural families still have a mother living in the house to help. But most are on their own. Men have time to sit in the cafe and or go to the mosque.

Women “just figure it out.”

Volunteer In Morocco

It was mint tea, however and quite good. Here are the steps.

Scoops of tea in pot
Add hot water
Pout 1 glass without swirling
Add more hot water
Pour out 2nd glass
Return glass #1 to pot
Throw away glass #2
Put in sugar (lots)
Add hot water to below brim
Heat on stove to boiling
Add mint to pot
Pour into glasses and put back 4 times
Allow to cool
Tea poured from a great height is far better than tea just tipped from pot

Want seconds?

Observable Change

Rarely do volunteers see the result to their work, but I was privileged to observe it today!

Volunteer In Morocco

I have been in the 3 year old class and our first activity every day was to put all the backpacks on the tables and be seated in the tiny floor space. We do some activities that needs more movement there and then go to tables for paper work. Today the room was arranged by the teacher with the tables pushed back and an open space for floor time! And as soon as I came in they all threw their backpacks on the tables an sat down on The floor!


Did I mention laundry? The pictures say it all: wash/rinse, dry, enjoy view.

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