Interview with Cross-Cultural Solutions South Africa Country Director (Part 2)

Last week we posted the first part of a two part interview with Cross-Cultural Solutions South Africa Country Director, Luann Mabakoena Hatane. And now, take a look at the conclusion for more insights into what makes CCS Cape Town so special.

Alexis: So how can a CCS volunteer make a real impact in South Africa?

Luann: Volunteers come to understand that it’s the relationships that matter. It’s not about this big gift that you leave behind. It’s about talking, listening, and showing interest. It’s the little acts of kindness and compassion that really mean something. The biggest impact that volunteers have had has been through demonstrating care.

For a beneficiary at one of our partner organizations to think to themselves, “Somebody has traveled halfway around the world for me, and wants me to have a better life, and they’re interested in who I am,” that’s a huge thing. Just showing up, no matter how difficult it is, that’s already a massive impact.

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Volunteers bring a ton of energy. Often to places that are sad, overworked, overburdened, under resourced, and depleted of most creative thought. And then you get this crazy volunteer with tons of creativity and they bring this new energy, a hopefulness, something different, and a message that people in the world are united and we can care about each other, even across global divides.

Alexis: What’s one thing that is useful for volunteers to know before they begin their CCS program?

Luann: Whilst volunteers enjoy the many sights, spectacular beauty, and amazing adventures that can be found in Cape Town, the Cross-Cultural Solutions volunteer abroad program is designed to take the volunteer a bit out of the usual tourist comfort zone to a place where they can experience all aspects of the various cultures that can be found here.

Volunteer service and cross-cultural learning offer CCS volunteers a more personal way to connect to the city and the country. Within a few minutes one can move from community to community, and observe widely disparate socioeconomic realities, all of which share different cultural, language, and faith based realities.

volunteer abroad in South Africa

Enroll today for the South Africa volunteer abroad adventure of a lifetime, or contact one of our Program Advisors.


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