Improving Dental Hygiene

The CCS public health dental initiative launched in Ghana just before New Year’s, with volunteers working at the Blidokope Primary School in the Adaklu community of the Volta Region. Volunteers served families from this village who earn incomes as peasant farmers and weavers, and rarely, if ever, have the opportunity to visit a dentist or receive dental care education.

Children from the community joined our volunteers for a 4-day program, with 151 community children joining on the first day, ranging in age from 3 to 17. Our incredible CCS volunteers worked hard to provide dental education activities to all children, splitting groups by age and into shifts. Community children as part of this program learned about sugary foods, cavities, plaque, as well as baby and adult teeth through fun games. Each child came away from their educational activities with a full dental hygiene kit to keep positive dental hygiene practices well past this project.

Volunteer In Ghana

As with all dental initiatives run by CCS, a local dental hygienist joined our volunteers to collect background information on dental care as well as a professional dental health assessment. Children found to have more concerning dental health issues were referred to the local regional hospital, while our volunteers continued with the remaining children to learn about healthy nutrition habits along with fun sporting activities.

Interested in joining CCS for a future dental health date, or another public health initiative? Check out our public health dates at, or join us any time of year with a group of 4 or more!

Dental Hygiene In Ghana


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