Impacting Vision in Schools

In under-resourced schools around the world, children encounter challenges to receiving a high-quality education. CCS impact volunteers are making a difference in one challenge for too many children - vision - to make our mark in improving global education, one child at a time.

Vision: A Global Struggle

A child in a classroom in rural Costa Rica squints to see the chalkboard. Unable to completely keep up with lesson plans, he is labeled as a "poor learner" and falls more and more behind in education. Outside of the classroom, straining for vision leads to an increased number of headaches, and starts to impact his social interactions with peers. The solution could be as simple as a child's pair of eyeglasses.

More than one billion people around the world need eyeglasses, but don't have them. CCS is changing that.

CCS Impact Volunteering

In a primary school in Costa Rica, CCS volunteers worked with teachers and administrators to provide a basic screening for all students, including a vision test provided through School Screener to identify those students facing challenges with eyesight. Those who failed to read letters from a 10 foot distance were referred to stage 2, and had the opportunity to be seen by an optometrist, free of charge and conveniently at the school.

Volunteer In Costa Rica

A screening for 174 primary school children revealed unmet vision needs across grades 1 through 6. However, the CCS vision project doesn't just provide a prescription. Instead, we meet the vision needs of these children to ensure they can continue to reach their educational and health goals with fewer challenges.

Volunteer In Costa Rica

Volunteers were on hand across the project to work with children to choose a colorful pair of eyeglasses and fit lenses, ultimately, leading to a bright smile and a child who can now see clearly. Sometimes, the smallest acts can make the biggest impact. We are proud to bring vision to children.

Ready to make your mark? Check out our vision project start dates at, or learn about our dental, WASH, and education infrastructure commitments around the world.


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