Gap Year Programs: A Full Year

Your gap year has the potential to be absolutely anything. The sky is the limit; the world, your proverbial oyster. But once your gap year has drawn to a close, and you’ve unpacked – and Febreezed – your backpack, it would be nice to have more than a few new Facebook photos and a serious case of jetlag to remember your experience, right? That’s why the team here at CCS has compiled a short list of gap year ideas to help you make your gap year the absolute epic that you always knew it would be!

Gap year volunteer abroad programs are some of the most accessible ways to develop a more genuine connection with local people and a deeper understanding of a region’s unique character and history. Of course, one of the ultimate rewards of a successful volunteer experience is the knowledge that your time and effort will have a far-reaching and long-lasting ripple effect on you, the community in which you give your time, and future volunteers.

Join a Community
While it’s important to explore your independence and wiggle out of your comfort zone during your year abroad, gappers shouldn’t feel like they need to “go it alone” for the entire year. Some solid solo travel interspersed with quality group time proves to be a great balance for lots of travelers who identify as part pensive solo- explorer, part social butterfly. Luckily, CCS offers short-term gap year volunteer abroad options that can be easily incorporated into your year, and all of our volunteers live in the CCS Home-Base, so you'll find an instant community. Whether you’re looking for hiking companions, a diverse team of co-volunteers, or a dinner buddy, a CCS gap year program can be a great respite from the solo backpacker life.

Talk to an Expert
Researching and planning your gap year abroad can be super daunting. There are nearly 200 countries out there and roughly 6500 spoken languages. That’s enough to drop the jaw of even the most travel-savvy adventurer. So, how will you decide on the right experience for you? After you do your initial research and determine some regions of interest, contact one of our rockstar Program Advisors. Whether you’ve got questions about how many pairs of socks to pack for Dharamsala, India, the reliability of public transportation in Brazil, or how to train for a climb up Mt. Kilimanjaro, we’ve got folks here at CCS who’ve done it, love it, and live it! So why not ask for a little input?

Including a CCS gap year abroad program in your itinerary is a great way to ensure that your year will be one for the record books. With our travel expertise, in-country staff and Home-Base, and flexibility in start-dates and length of stay, it’s no wonder we’ve got an alumni base of over 35,000 happy adventurers.


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