A familiar face, A New Destination

When you volunteer abroad with Cross-Cultural Solutions, what awaits you at the Home-Base is a family of local people who’ll immediately plug you into your new community. It's the family in a faraway place that you never knew you had; the CCS in-country team.

The CCS in-country team—an integral part of your immersive, CCS experience—offers you a genuine way to easily connect with your new community. In fact, tons of volunteers come home with incredible stories of friends that they found in the CCS in-country staff members. Lots of volunteers even tell us stories of the connections made with the family members of the CCS in-country staff.

Of course, it makes sense that we’d be singing their praises; everyone likes to think that they’ve got the best family around. So don’t take our word for it. Here’s what some of our volunteers have had to say about the CCS in-country staff:

"I loved everyone on staff in Tanzania. They treated us like family and were very good about helping us adjust to their culture.”
Hope, volunteer, Tanzania

"I LOVED LOVED LOVED all the staff in Guatemala. They always made sure I was safe, comfortable, happy, and challenged. Virginia and Sonia became my mothers for two weeks. They guided me through my experience but allowed me to explore and learn autonomously. The house staff was amazing too! Don Luis taught me more Spanish in two weeks than I learned in three years at school.”
Jennifer, volunteer, Guatemala

"The country staff truly made the experience better than I could imagine. I felt like part of an extended family. It was extremely difficult to say goodbye to them. Before I left I was a little disappointed that I hadn't seen any beautiful parrots on my weekend trips. My time was growing short and I knew I probably wouldn't have any more opportunities. Jose and Viera cared so much that they arranged a special trip to a local "parrot house" where I could watch the parrots fly down from the mountain to feed. Ronald drove me there and these gorgeous parrots started to fly in from the mountains. I couldn't believe the beauty of these birds and the kindness extended to me to experience this incredible sight. Before I left, Ronald, another member of the team, handed me a parrot feather that had fallen to the ground. I am going to frame this feather to remember this moment and the kindness of CCS. I miss them all terribly!"
Cindy, volunteer, Costa Rica

"Enrique, the Director of CCS Peru, is a gem of a man, and he and all the local staff are like a second family. I bruised a rib while playing football while I was in-country and was in bed for a few days, and all of the lovely ladies in the kitchen spoiled me like I was at home with my mother.”
Anne, volunteer, Peru

volunteering in Peru with Cross-Cultural Solutions

“The staff were not only helpful, organized, and professional, but most importantly became my friends.”
Maital, volunteer, Thailand

“I can honestly say that the in-country staff made the experience for me. Each and every one of them enriched my time in Guatemala, and added something to my day. Many of them had homes and families of their own, though it felt like they were always at the house, and were always there for us.”
Mirelle, volunteer, Guatemala

So what are you waiting for? Enroll to volunteer with CCS today, and you can meet the family that you never knew you had.

volunteering in Peru with Cross-Cultural Solutions

volunteering in Peru with Cross-Cultural Solutions


The staff in-country are amazing. I made a little video that has a few highlights of the Kili team, smiles included: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dzcKz6Duy9I
Posted at 1:20pm on May 10th, 2013
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