End-of-year ways to save

It's almost 2014 and whether you've already put down your deposit and are preparing for your life-changing volunteer experience with Cross-Cultural Solutions, or you're dreaming of ways to make 2014 the year you achieve your goal of becoming an international game-changer, we've got some helpful tips for you! This post is dedicated specifically to helping you find end-of-year ways to save up for your CCS program.

  • Holiday money - Have your friends and relatives given up on trying to find you the perfect gift, and instead, resorted to throwing a few bills in an envelope and calling it a day? Perfect! Whether you received a bounty or a small windfall for the holidays, go ahead and funnel that cash into your volunteer savings fund. And since it's not coming out of your own pocket, it'll feel extra good to knock a few digits off of that program fee with relative ease.

  • Return unwanted gifts - No room on your shelf for another knick knack? Been gifted a book that you already read? Don't hesitate to take the gift and the accompanying gift receipt and turn that item into a vehicle to get you one step closer to your volunteer destination.

  • Part-time/Odd jobs - Already looking for something to keep you busy during the winter months? A cold and boring winter is the perfect opportunity to pick up an odd job for some extra cash. Ask around to see if any of your neighbors need their driveways shoveled after the next big storm. Or maybe somebody nearby is in need of a house-sitter while they flee to warmer climates.

  • Tax time - Expecting a tax refund in the new year? Many of our happy alums have used their return to seed their trip fund, and many others have used it to pay off that last little bit of their program fee.

Remember, small changes to your lifestyle can amount to a lot of savings toward the adventure that is going to change everything! Stick with it and make 2014 the year that you accomplish your goal. You're closer than you think!


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