Volunteering with Elderly

A community's elders are its deepest roots, a living connection to every generation. Whether CCS volunteers are trading stories with a new friend, serving meals, or leading a fun activity, they find that working with the elderly allows them to connect to their new community in a very special way.

Volunteering with the elderly population is an incredibly fun and fulfilling way to immerse yourself in a new culture, and we want to tell you why!

Katie Nichols—a CCS Program Site Specialist and proud international volunteer—recently shared some great insights on volunteering with the elderly, based on both personal and professional experiences. Here's some of what she had to say:

"The elderly are often a forgotten generation." A mixture of fear, apathy, or unfamiliarity might keep you from volunteering with the elderly. Maybe the prospect of spending time helping children simply seems more fun. But volunteering with the forgotten generation can be just as enjoyable.

Volunteers can make a significant difference in the lives of elderly people all around the world. As Nichols notes, often all they need is “some extra love, extra hugs in the morning, extra smiles—someone to come by and make sure that they’re doing well.” No special skills necessary.

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Opportunities to volunteer to improve health and the sense of dignity among the elderly are available when you volunteer with CCS in Bangkok, Salvador, Lima, Cartago, Guatemala City, Cape Town, or New Delhi.

If you've got any questions on how you can make an impact volunteering with the elderly, just contact us via chat, phone, or email. We're here to help!


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