Earn Your Future, Share Your Past

You’ve returned from your trip. Your bags are unpacked, your camera memory card is full, and your face is beaming. You feel a greater appreciation of the world around you. You’ve gained new friends, and have experienced moments that have made an impression on your heart forever.

While settling back in your daily routine, you can’t stop your mind from wandering back to special people you interacted with, local foods you tried, and the different way of life you embraced. You’re searching for a way to keep the experience close, and anxious to embark on a new adventure to fuel your insatiable desire to learn about other cultures.

If you’re like me, you couldn’t wait to share your stories and photos from your CCS adventure with family and friends. After returning from my first CCS program to Lima, Peru in 2012, I wanted to tell everyone about it!

After connecting with the CCS Alumni Engagement Specialist, I knew I wanted to find a way to remain involved. I learned about informational sessions, and decided this was a perfect way to help fund my next trip. The process is simple: host a session where the CCS Program is explained, and share my personal experience with an interested audience. I contacted my local library for a venue to host my events. I was able to use a community room, and began hanging fliers around town to spread the word. The best part of it was that CCS found people to come to the information session!

Conducting the sessions was so much fun! It felt great reliving my CCS experience and speaking with others that are enthusiastic about volunteering internationally. At first I felt nervous, but after I began telling the audience about CCS and my time in Lima, I felt very comfortable and felt relaxed while answering questions. After all, who is a better expert on your experience than you? Before long, I had earned enough program credit to enroll in my next CCS program!

If you catch yourself daydreaming about what the home-base food is like in India, or can’t stop envisioning yourself on a camel trek in Morocco, perhaps hosting informational sessions in your community is the first step in continuing your path as a CCS game changer!

For more information on hosting an Information Session contact Julie Webb, Alumni and Campus Engagement Specialist email: Julie@Crossculturalsolutions.org


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