Stories and moments shared by CCS volunteers are one of the best ways to learn about the impact of our programs. Today, we're happy to share a story from memories of Costa Rica from Emanuela Troiani.

Volunteer In Guatemala

I have been volunteering for many years now, as I started to be a volunteer with Cross Cultural Solutions every year since 2012. Volunteering with CCS is great as it allows me to help communities who have difficulties in sustaining the fees required for Children Education. We've all heard the cliché that children are our future. But have you ever paused and considered just how true that is? The kids of today will inherit the world. Many of them will become tomorrow's leaders, caretakers, inventors and artists. That means you have the chance to help shape the future by contributing your talents toward the positive development and growth of young people in communities around the world.

Few things are more fulfilling than knowing that your work actually means something, myself and my husband we both understood the full meaning of that deeply and since 2015 we started to volunteer together, trying to inspire kids by giving them a chance to see/hear something different. In the case of our last experience in Guanacaste, we worked at "Burbujita del Amor" where CCS recently started to send volunteers to help them grow. We realized that among the many kids (usually 60 ) several needed special dedicated attention.

Emily, for example, is a 6 year old affected by autism and tends to isolate herself in her own world. Typically only her 4 year old sister can enter, unless you show her that you really want to and deserve to be part of it. When I met her and asked what her name was, she would say "Emi-my." Thinking of how important it would be to pronounce it properly, I asked her to think about other words that she already knew, like lemon, dragonfly, and other words which in Spanish sound like the part of her name that she wasn't pronouncing ...." Emi-LY...LI como .. LI-MON! LI como LI-BELLULA", she then turned to me and said "E-MI-LY!!".... that little thing surprised even the other teachers as they were saying that this little girl usually had difficulties when speaking because of the autism and a surgery that she recently had on her tongue. I figured with just a little conversation that all she needed was to have someone dedicated, who had time to give the extra training required for someone like her with specific needs and attention. She really perceived that my focus was on her, and she paid back with loads of smiles and special hugs. I will remember her name forever!


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