The Dreams PTO Was Made For

Consider the impact CCS would have with an additional 169 million hours of meaningful volunteer service to communities abroad. That’s how many paid time off hours were forfeited by Americans in 2013.

Sure, our intentions are good when we forfeit our vacation time, but the effects are counterproductive and the perceived benefits aren’t real. By saying “no” to vacation time, you’re also saying “no” to a real opportunity to make an impact, discover who you are, revitalize yourself, spend time with those you love, and just breathe.

Those who have forfeited paid time off report feeling extremely stressed. On the flip side, CCS volunteers emerge from their experience feeling refreshed, inspired, and fulfilled. Whether you’re traveling solo to get away from it all or taking a family trip to bond with one another, CCS will provide you with an experience so extraordinary, you’ll never miss a vacation day again.

Working Professional Volunteering with Cross-Cultural Solutions

Mia, a CCS Ghana volunteer, says,
“I have three young kids at home and getting away for 10 days is a big deal that doesn't get to happen that often. My trip to Ghana was just the soul food I needed.”

Julie, a CCS India volunteer, says,
“People have asked me if I have found what I came here looking for. I am not sure what that is, but I have undoubtedly found a greater inner peace in having connected to these people, and a richness of heart…that I did not know existed.”

Bernie, a CCS Costa Rica family volunteer, says,
“My wife is telling anyone that will listen that this is the best vacation she ever had. And I agree.”

Imagine playing with local children at an orphanage in Tanzania, soaking in the majestic beauty of Machu Piccu in Peru, connecting with HIV/AIDS patients in Costa Rica, or riding an elephant in Thailand. These are the dreams paid time off days were made for.

2015 will be here before you know it. Don’t forfeit another day! Enroll today and change your perspective!


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