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In my last blog post, I focused on the community impact data collected from our local partner organizations through the Cross-Cultural Solutions Partner Program Survey. And since I promised to share some of the universal trends and amazing quotes that best illustrate these trends, I'm back with a few of my favorites.

Let's start with some quotes that relate to something that we hear all the time, from partners around the world:

CCS volunteers improve the staff morale and effectiveness at the organizations where they work by bringing energy and reducing the workload.

“Volunteer interaction with the patients is excellent and it promotes the healing process. It makes the duties of nursing staff lighter which enable them to provide more effective and efficient care.”
-Hospital in South Africa

“Volunteers bring a fresh perspective and new life into the home. They provide new ideas, creativity, and warmth to the home. They not only impact the children but the staff also learns a lot from them.”
-Orphanage in South Africa

“Our home feels happiness and enthusiasm when we have CCS volunteers here. Things are more fun and we get more things done. People are happier. Staff can do things knowing that they are getting extra helpers. They become happier.“
-Center for the elderly in Brazil

“Our staff feels respected by the volunteers. They do not feel lonely and feel they have partners around the world that are sensitive to our cause.”
-Center for abandoned and vulnerable populations in Brazil

“There were cross-cultural exchanges that enhanced the lessons. The volunteers’ presence also motivated our local staff.”
-Primary school in Ghana

“Volunteers have been able to reduce workload on staff and also share new techniques and ideas from a different cultural perspective.”
-Daycare center in Ghana

Pretty inspiring, huh? When you volunteer abroad, you are supporting the work of the incredible people who commit every day to working at these organizations. You are working alongside people who have devoted their careers to their mission. Moreover, you are affirming the value of the work they do by traveling halfway around the world to lend your support, time, and energy.

This is exactly what our South Africa Country Director, Luann Hatane, was talking about in her interview (highly recommended reading). Aside from the boost in staff morale that results from the volunteer presence, just think about the effect that a volunteer presence has on the beneficiaries of these organizations—the kids at the school, the patients at the hospital, and the residents at the elderly center. They all reap the benefits of a highly committed and passionate team of regular staff and volunteers. When you combine the energy and dedication of full-time organization staff and CCS volunteers, you get new perspectives, innovative ideas, and creative activities that keep things fun and exciting for everyone.

Whatever your volunteer destination of choice, and regardless of your volunteer assignment, keep this point in mind: Just focus on how you can support and assist the staff at your volunteer assignment, you will be supporting the services they provide to the vulnerable populations of their community. And as you can see, it is much appreciated.

More quotes and trends coming soon, so stay tuned!


Thanks Steve! It's one of those hidden benefits that volunteers rarely see, but makes a huge difference.
Posted at 1:22pm on May 23rd, 2013
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