A Father Who Helped to Change The World
A Father Who Helped to Change The World Many families vacation to resorts throughout the world, but how long does that pleasure truly last? When you take a trip with CCS, you and your family will have beautiful memories along with an impact that will last well-beyond your time volunteering.
Volunteer Interview: Madel, Peru
I had the chance to sit down and speak with Madel Leal, an intern currently in Lima Peru. Madel is currently working on her Masters’ in Social Work with a concentration in Community Organizing and Development. Within her school, she works in the Office of Global Activities doing administrative work and web content. Additionally, she does student advising for one of the grants available through the school. Madel has been very active in the community here and her passion shows through her work. She has just completed the first 4 weeks of her 13 week internship.
Pedro Pablo's Story
There are so many stories that come from Los Martincitos, a senior center in Villa Salvador in Lima, Peru. Below, our Country President, Enrique Bossio, tells one of them: "At 26 and having never set foot in the Senior Citizen Program “Los Martincitos” in Villa El Salvador, Pedro Pablo is an unlikely participant of the program, but the staff and our CCS volunteers pay regular visits to his home as part of the center’s activities. And now more than ever.
Why Our Volunteers Teach English in Tanzania
At CCS, we often get asked about why our volunteers teach English in many countries where we work. While there isn’t one universal answer to that question, we thought we would ask Basil Lima, a former teacher and a passionate supporter of education reform in Tanzania for his take on why English education is important in his country.
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