5 Things You'll Love About the Nan Province
Volunteer AbroadThe Nan Province in Thailand offers volunteers unique and versatile experiences that you can’t get elsewhere. From the picturesque lands surrounded by lush Thai trees and flowers to the beautiful culture of the Hill Tribes, you are sure to fall in love with this province. As a location that is less known to tourists, you will have an authentic experience surrounded by locals. Supporting one of our volunteer programs, you will have the opportunity to truly interact with the locals, and engage in incredible human-to-human interactions that leave a positive impact on both parties.
Alumni Spotlight: Jill Grossman
Volunteer AbroadJill Grossman is an incredible alumni that embodies exactly what being a CCS Volunteer is about. Through her volunteer trip to Tanzania, Jill was deeply impacted by what she saw. Being exposed to such a different culture and having the opportunity to work with underserved populations sparked something within her. Following her CCS trip, she began researching how she could continue to make an impact, and worked to receive her Master’s in Holocaust and Genocide Studies and went on to work for an African Non-Profit.
5 Reasons You'll Love Azrou
Volunteer AbroadAzrou, Morocco offers adventures an incredible destination to have the trip of a lifetime. From exploring the culture of the local community to indulging in the unique and decadent food items; this trip will create memorable experiences and leave a life-changing, transformative impact. As a town located in the center of Morocco, volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the culture, with plenty of opportunities to travel and explore. We spoke with our In-Country President, Mohamed, to see why volunteers will fall in love with Azrou.
12 Reasons You'll Fall In Love With Lima
Volunteer AbroadViews Lima is located on the coast of the Pacific Ocean, and you’ll find that it boasts some of the most beautiful views of any big city in South America. Whether you are relaxing in El Parque del Amor in Miraflores or racing against the sunset in Barranco, you are sure to find a view that takes your breath away.
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