Why Our Volunteers Teach English in Tanzania
At CCS, we often get asked about why our volunteers teach English in many countries where we work. While there isn’t one universal answer to that question, we thought we would ask Basil Lima, a former teacher and a passionate supporter of education reform in Tanzania for his take on why English education is important in his country.
Welcome to Azrou: A letter from Mohamed
MoroccoMohamed, our Morocco Country Director, is thrilled to be able to offer a new site in Morocco, available immediately for both our High School volunteers, and student groups. In an open letter below, he describes why our new ventures in the community of Azrou is important to him, as well as the impact he hopes to make with the help of our volunteers. “Dear Future Morocco Volunteer,
Top 5 Places to Visit in Guatemala
Guatemala is such a hidden gem in Central America, with so much to see and learn! From the rich culture of Mayan and European influence, to the amazing food--always including fresh corn tortillas and black beans, to the stark contrast between the rich and the poor, more impacted by the recent civil war…..Guatemala hosts some of the most beautiful scenery I’ve ever encountered, as well as some of the best history and cultural lessons. Here’s what you HAVE to see on a trip to the “Land of Eternal Spring.”
Gracias, Asante, Akpe, Shukran, Thank You
Gracias, Asante, Akpe, Shukran, Thank you. My 5+ year career at CCS has taught me a lot about “being thankful.” I continue to learn to wake up every single day, with the aim to live my life with gratitude and wonder at the diversity of human experience on this planet. Currently having the opportunity to work remotely from Tanzania (Hi Mount Kilimanjaro, nice to see you this morning!) and soon en route to India, by December, I will have had the chance to experience seven out of eight CCS programs.
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