Answers to your questions - #AskCCS

We're already halfway through January, spring items are popping up in store windows, and you're staring at the weather forecast attempting to will the temperature above 40 degrees. Keeping in the spirit of winter daydreams about summer adventures, on Wednesday, January 23 from 3-5pm ET, Cross-Cultural Solutions will host our very first Twitter open house to answer all of your most burning summer volunteering questions.

summer volunteer abroad Twitter open house

What's a Twitter open house?
Glad you asked. It means that we'll have our team of volunteer travel experts on deck to answer all of your questions about summer volunteering with CCS. Just tweet a question using #AskCCS and we'll answer you in real time. Got more than one question? Bring it! We're ready.

What kinds of questions can I ask?
Anything! Wondering which summer volunteering programs tend to fill up most quickly? Curious about which destinations we'd recommend for volunteers interested in education? Want to know more about our discounts? Just #AskCCS!

This is more than just a great way to get real time answers to all of your questions, it's also a perfect opportunity to get your friends on board and cash in on our outreach discount. If you're trying to organize a crew of volunteers but your buddies are still on the fence, let them know about the upcoming open house so we can answer their questions, too.

See you there!


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