5 Reasons You'll Love Azrou

Azrou, Morocco offers adventurers an incredible destination to have the trip of a lifetime. From exploring the culture of the local community to indulging in the unique and decadent food items; this trip will create memorable experiences and leave a life-changing, transformative impact. As a town located in the center of Morocco, volunteers have the opportunity to immerse themselves fully in the culture, with plenty of opportunities to travel and explore. We spoke with our In-Country President, Mohamed, to see why volunteers will fall in love with Azrou.

Azrou Landscape


Located in the Atlas Mountains, Azrou offers a much different environment than Rabat. When you arrive in Azrou, you can step outside and take a breath of the fresh mountain air--it is unlike anything you can experience in the city. The rugged terrain surrounding the town creates a beautiful scene; a treat to wake up to every day. You may find yourself wandering around the nearby Cedar Forest or fields of wildflower to truly take in this natural beauty. Since the town is in the center of Morocco, it makes free-time activities easy and accessible. Volunteers can easily find themselves in a desert, riding camels within a few hours!


Moroccan food is very diverse and unique. With a wide range of textures and flavors, your inner foodie will be sure to thank you! There are many cafes and restaurants located around town, but you’ll find the best food right in out Home-Base! Volunteers will indulge in tagines, salads, soups, couscous, Moroccan mint tea, pastries, and more! With our cooking lessons, you’ll even get the chance to roll up your sleeves and whip up a Moroccan treat yourself!

Community & Local Impact

With a population of just 50,000 people, the smaller community gives volunteers the opportunity to truly get to know the community. Few foreigners live in the town which makes a good location for cultural exchange. People are generally friendly and open to meeting other people and hearing stories about who you are. You will find a local, caring community. The projects that you partake in directly impacts the local community. At Al Fihriya Primary School, CCS built a WASH station that continues to impact the local community.


Volunteer Sites

As a location that is out of reach for many larger social services organizations, Azrou can greatly benefit from our volunteers. There are many vulnerable populations and poverty is common among women and children. This is a community that is ready to receive assistance, and very grateful for help. Volunteers have the opportunity to work with children, youth associations, women’s associations and co-ops, with the elderly, and those with special needs. The service opportunities here are incredible, and will leave a mutual impact. Volunteers will learn so much from working with the local populations, and the local communities will gain so much with their help.


Moroccan culture is very beautiful and diverse. Volunteers will get a better understanding of the Moroccan culture by their interactions with people in town, at the workplace, and in their free time. As a smaller community than Rabat, it’s easier for volunteers to immerse themselves in the culture. Volunteers will learn more about the Muslim culture and how diverse it is. The town is home to both Arabs and Amazighs (Berbers)-- two different groups that have many cultural differences. Through our CCS cultural activities, you will truly get to learn about the history and pick up some Arabic!


What reasons will YOU love Azrou? Adventures in Morocco await--enroll today!


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