5 Facts: Fall in Love With Guatemala

How much do you know about Guatemala? Here are 5 interesting things that you can experience firsthand during your Cultural & Learning activities or free time when you volunteer with Cross-Cultural Solutions!

1. The first chocolate bar was invented by the ancient Maya civilization.
With CCS, you’ll be welcomed into a local family’s home where you’ll sit down and talk while eating real chocolate together.

2. Chichicastenango (also called Chichi) is considered to be home to the brightest and probably most vibrant native market in Central America.
While you stroll through, you’ll find fresh fruits and vegetables, bright flowers, traditional Maya clothing, crocheted hacky sacks, wooden masks, and a few surprises...

3. Atitlán means ‘at the water’ in Aztec language and is a lake in the northern Guatemala highlands. It is the deepest lake in Central America and is considered by some as “the most beautiful lake in the world.”
Navigate the waters of Lake Atitlán and then stop along the way to explore colorful Maya communities with local people as your guides.

4. Coffee is the main export.
When you journey to Guatemala with CCS, you aren’t signing up for corporate tourism. When you visit a coffee plantation, you will have the opportunity to meet the family who runs the farm.

5. Even though it is small in size (only 108,889 square km), there are more than 29 volcanoes.
Have you ever roasted marshmallows? How about over lava on top of an active volcano? Hike the Pacaya Volcano with your fellow volunteers, enjoying the view and a snack along the way!

Source: Fact Monster


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